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Polini Tuning Kit "Big Evo" 96cc Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro

MXS Custom Item no.: MS-PKMBIGEVO96

Polini Tuning Kit "Big Evo" 96cc Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro


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For those of you who want MORE - the Polini Big Evo 96cc Tuning Kit MBK Nitro / Aeroxfor a fantastic price!

The kit contains a Polini Big Evo 94cc Cylinder and an MXS Racing GP Crankshaft (45mm stroke / 90mm conrod), a combination which will get your engine up to 96cc. The kit includes:

Polini 94cc Cylinder Kit "Evolution 2010" (44mm stroke) MBK Nitro / Aerox
MXS Racing Crankshaft “GP” (45mm stroke / 90mm conrod) MBK Nitro / Aerox
MXS Racing Spacer 5mm MBK Nitro / Aerox

The addition of the MXS crankshaft with a 45mm stroke (instead of 44mm) will get the Big Evolution cylinder's displacement up to 96cc turning it into one of the largest cylinders for MBK Nitro and Yamaha Aerox on the market.
It has a 90mm connecting rod for improved power transmission to the crankshaft and consequently improved performance.
With the right components (30mm carburetor, Hyper Racing exhaust and digital ignition) the kit can easily get more than 26hp!

You'll have to mill in the crankcase to make room for the cylinder base (d = 57.2mm +/-0.1mm, depth = 20mm) and the crankshaft (d = 77mm); manual is included.

Note: You'll have to adjust squish clearance when installing the kit as the crankshaft has a 45mm stroke and a 90mm connecting rod.

Data Sheet

Name Polini Tuning Kit "Big Evo" 96cc Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro
Brand MXS Custom
Homologation No
Displacement 95cc
Stroke 45 mm
Conrod Length 90 mm
Product Line Hyper racing
Material Aluminium
Bore 52 mm
Piston Pin 13 mm

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