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Stage6 Exhaust

R1400, R/T, R1200 or Replica: We got them all – pick one.

The Stage6 motto is: “Performance is our mission “. This slogan says it all and we can confirm that Stage6 is living up to it. Stage6 was founded in Germany not too long ago, but their racing catalogue is enormous. Take the Stage6 R1400 exhaust for example: it became so popular that at some point it equipped practically all French and German racing machines, just shortly after it came onto the market. The success of Stage6 was so overwhelming and all-encompassing you had to get up early to get hold of one of their products! Stage 6 exhausts are excellent sports and also racing exhausts, just give them a try!

  • Stage6 R1400 exhaust exclusively at Maxiscoot

    The Stage6 top seller, available here.
  • Stage6 Street exhaust for Piaggio

    Piaggio exhausts, street-legal OEM quality.
  • Stage6 R/T exhaust for Nitro and Piaggio

    The latest racing gear by the German manufacturer.
  • Carbon Silencer for Stage6 exhausts

    Choose from various models and finishes.

Performance is our Mission: Stage6

Speed freak? HP addict? Fancy a new, more expressive sound for your ride? Stage6 exhausts are made for you to enjoy. In a first step, we would like to draw your attention to the Stage6 R1200 Racing, the R1400’s little brother. Its large body will get your cylinder to 15,000 rpm with no worries while producing the sweetest melodies. Its carbon silencer is easy on the eye and means business when it comes to scooter racing. It’s also possible to purchase a Stage6 R/T exhaust from us, the latest addition to the German manufacturer's product range. Developed to be combined with the cylinder of the same name and brand resulting in a record-breaking, mind-blowing Stage6 engine.


Stage6 also offers Stage6 exhausts for more "civilized" set-ups, or for those who ride their scooter or moped on a daily basis - exhaust smeant to replace original exhausts which are worn out or damaged. In order to add some oomph to your ride without getting into proper tuning, we recommend the Stage6 Replica Exhaust series. These look like the racing ones but are street-legal to be enjoyed on public roads – and you can treat your fellow drivers to the great new sound of your engine! These exhausts come with EC-homologation which you may have to show if you're pulled over. So, check out our online catalogue and in particular, our impressive Stage6 page!

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