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Roost | High-Performance Scooter Exhausts |




ROOST is a Slovenian manufacturer inspired by a passion for 2-stroke engines and a passion for racing. Roost is a small company in the heart of Slovenia. The brand was born on the racetrack and in the workshops of a team breathing 2-stroke and the smell of burnt oil. ROOST exploded onto the French scene not too long ago, collaborating with MXS Customs in developing the impressive dragster 2Evil.
ROOST has profound knowledge and wide experience when it comes to getting the most out of a 2-stroke engine. Their products are designed without compromise, and for a single purpose: achieving the ultimate performance.





Nitrous Express | Nitrous Oxide Systems |

Nitrous Express

Nitrous Express specializes in the design of injection systems Nitrous Expressfor Nitrous Oxide (N2O), commonly known as "NOS kits" (based on a competing brand). Their range of products feature several items that can be used on highly tuned 50cc scooter engines. Nitrous Express (or NX for short) is the leader in the nitrous oxide forced induction systems. Since its founding in 1978, the brand strives to always follow the same credo
- All components used must be of the highest quality
- 99% of their products are assembled in the USA
- All items are tested before being shipped
- The power claims must be accurate, dyno-proven at the wheel
- NX does not copy anyone
- Always give the customer more than he expects
Their experience is vast, espacially in drag racing, and Nitrous Express definitely lives up to its name. That's why at Maxiscoot NX is our brand of choice when it comes to add F.I. to our tuned engines.






MXS Customs | The #1 Team |




MXS Customs

Maxiscoot is presenting its custom department under the name « MXS Customs ». Indeed, the MXS Customs was initiated by the most passionate employees currently working for Maxiscoot. MXS Customs projects are constantly pushing the limits in terms of scooter customization and upgrading. Nitrous oxide forced induction kits, turbochargers, twin cylinder setups with power up to 50hp etc...
MXS Customs builds are the result of effective cooperation between Maxiscoot and its most ambitious, motivated and passionate employees.

MXS Custom 2Evil dragster bicylindre