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Scooter Air Filter

The biggest selection of air filters for scooters – available here

Your scooter’s air filter allows your scooter to ‘breathe’. In order to work properly, an engine needs to be fed a mix of air and fuel as we're talking combustion engine here. Air gets into the scooter air filter to be directed to the carburetor and to be mixed with the fuel. The scooter air filter has the function of filtering out particles to prevent these to enter and damage the engine system. The air filter also has an important overall effect on your scooter’s performance, since the volume of air which enters into the carburettor will depend on its shape and size. Last but not least, the shape of the air filter has an effect on your scoter’s sound. Depending on its structure and set-up (air box or bellmouth), the noises flowing from the engine will be louder or less loud. We have a huge selection of high-quality scooter air filters in our online-shop, all of which come at great prices. All our air boxes and all our Sport, Racing and Hyper Racing air filters have been designed by famous manufacturers such as Stage6, Malossi, Polini, Doppler and Motoforce.

  • Air box for scooters

    Replacements of original, racing or tuning parts and even karting gear.
  • Sports air filter for scooters

    A huge product range featuring Malossi, Polini, Stage6, etc.
  • Racing/Hyper Racing air filters for scooters

    Malossi E series, Polini EVO series, Stage6 Racing, etc.

Let your engine breathe

Our air boxes have the same visual and technical characteristics as the OEM ones mounted by the original manufacturer and they represent excellent alternatives to original parts and very good value for money. We also have sports air filters developed for slightly tuned engine configurations. Our air filters come coated in foam or in a box and offer a better air intake compared to original air filters, which makes for a improved running of your scooter engine. Racing and highly tuned engines require a Racing or Hyper Racing air filter which allow for an even higher air intake. Our scooter air filters come in several colours and come with adapters to fit all possible carburettors.


The right choice of scooter air filter is a task that must not be neglected. Think about whether or not you need a sports or a racing air filter. If adjusted well, the air filter will ensure the right air intake and will make for efficient and effective combustion. If you maintain your air filter, for example by regularly changing your air box foam, you will improve the performance of your engine and increase its longevity. If you have any questions regarding the right choice of scooter air filters, do not hesitate and write us an email to

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