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Derbi scooters |

Derbi scooters

scooter derbi

Derbi scooters are not very common in France, but they're more common in places such as Italy, Portugal or Spain.

They use several different engines, depending on the model; the engine can be a Morini, Derbi or Piaggio for the latest versions.
The most famous Derbi scooter is probably the Derbi GP1 Racing, its handling is definitely first class with an all aluminium frame, a low center of gravity, a perfect weight balance, and 14" wheels.

Other famous Derbi scooters are the Derbi Paddock LC and the Predator.
As for the Derbi Paddock LC, there are not many engine parts available as it's one of the rare ones rocking a Morini engine, but there is a nice Big Bore Malossi Cast Iron cylinder kit avalaible.
There are also exhausts for the Derbi such as the Yasuni R or the Metrakit SP. Performance can also be upgraded with a Malossi Multivar performance variator.
While, obviously, there are fewer parts for Derbi scooters customisation and performance upgrades, we still have a decent online catalogue for you to browse, maybe you'll find just what you're looking for.