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Malossi Kit

Malossi is a very prestigious and famous aftermarket performance brand. Their catalogue includes, among many other products, carburetor and intake kits, often used along with racing cylinder kits. These carburetor/intake kits are available for most scooters or moped models, they even have a line for 50cc geared mopeds.
These kits are of the highest manufacturing quality and are a perfect fit for each machine, making the installation quick and easy. The increase in performance is considerable, on par with the build quality.

Malossi cylinder kits

Malossi offers a wide range of cylinder kits for all types of scooters, mopeds or motorcycles, from the cast iron 50cc, providing a slight increase over a standard engine, up to the high end, high performance big bore 80+cc aluminium kits, every potential use is covered by this brand drawing on decades of experience.

For example, take the cast iron 50cc kit - it is ideally suited for everyday use, extremely reliable, arguably the cast iron 50cc kit with the best performance on the market.
The aluminium 50cc MHR Replica yields even higher performance without sacrificing reliability, with a Nikasil coating for better durability.
The 50cc MHR Team Cup, while being a 50cc cylinder, is a true racing cylinder. Of course, at this level, the use of a reinforced crankshaft is highly recommended (along with other appropriate parts).
Malossi also has a very wide selection of Big Bore/Oversize kits, such as the MHR 70cc which is the most powerful cylinder available for vertical (Minarelli and Peugeot) engines, along with the 77cc and 86cc. As for LC engines, they have the legendary, extremely powerful MHR Team II which is one of today's most sought after cylinder kits.

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