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Piaggio & Gilera | Italian Scooters |

Piaggio scooter

Piaggio, for many fans, is synonymous with “scooter”. A Piaggio scooter is a piece of history. Piaggio is probably the brand that really popularized the scooter and led to its standing today. The brand was founded over a century ago and, contrary to popular belief, Piaggio made their entrance into the scooter industry more than 50 years after its creation. The Vespa legend, born in 1946, was an instant success with over ten million units sales in only ten years. The Piaggio scooter was born, and with it a whole scene, an attitude, based on the feeling of freedom, the riding pleasure, style and enjoyment. A Piaggio scooter is the symbol of the spirit of scooter riding that we know today, a taste of freedom and a somewhat free spirit, a means of expressing yourself.

As for today, the spirit isstill alive, other brands have stepped up, but Piaggio has always remained the reference point, the brand, all these years, and has maintained its status as the undisputed leader in the scooter industry. A Piaggio scooter also means a well-tested engine, with enormous upgrading and performance potential, sporty style, and lots of attitude.
Maxiscoot's craziest prototypes are normally based on Piaggio scooters or Piaggio engines.





Gilera scooter


Gilera has been in the two-wheeler business since 1909 and got into racing after the Second World War where it has dominated the Grand Prix until 1957. Piaggio bought the brand in 1969 and today, every Gilera scooter is built by Piaggio in their Pontedera factory. But a Gilera scooter, even with a Piaggio heart, remains a Gilera scooter, sporting its unique style. A Gilera scooter with its often rather unusual design is recognizable at first glance. The lines sometimes take on a neo-retro style, sometimes a futuristic aero design, or sometimes can be directly influenced by motorcycle design, but always with original features and a unique look.
The very first Maxiscoot build was a Gilera ICE scooter with a Malossi MHR engine.