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Vespa | The Beginning |


Vespa Scooters

The Vespa scooter, developed and introduced by Piaggio in 1947, is the first modern interpretation and the very definition of the scooter as we know it today. The original design, calledPrototype Piaggio MP5 "MP5 Paperino", was designed by Piaggio engineers Renzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini. It had a fully enclosed  body, hiding the mechanical elements and protecting the front from rain and splash water . But the central section displeased Enrico Piaggio, who then contracted aeronautical engineer Corradino D'Ascanio to take over the project. D'Ascanio was known for his notable distaste for motorcycles, “too big, dirty and unreliable” as he used to say.
D'Ascanio's design, the MP6, had its engine placed next to the rear wheel, therefore eliminating the drive chain in the process. Various modifications of the original MP5 design were decided, including the removal of that controversial central part, replaced by a flat floor step-through design.

Discovering the MP6 prototype, Enrico Piaggio said, "sembra una vespa!" (“it looks like a wasp! "), thereby naming the first Vespa scooter. Since then, Piaggio has continued to upgrade its flagship model, which even today remains the true definition of the modern scooter. Vespa has become a household name. The 3-speed 90cc model has evolved over the years and was adapted to different markets. Thus we can see the Vespa 50cc scooter, the Vespa racing scooter, and even the Vespa electric scooter!!!
For its 50th anniversary in1996 (the patent is dated 1946), the Vespa has sold over 15 million units worldwide.





Aprilia Scooters |

Aprilia Scooters

Italian manufacturer Aprilia is part of the Piaggio group. Even though its core business remains the production of motorcycles, the brand still sells a range of 50cc scooters and motorcycles. Aprilia scooters boast Aprilia's modern designs, and benefit from Piaggio's expertise in this area. And although it is not the most widespread, the typical Aprilia scooter is, nonetheless, a high quality scooter, whether for road or racing. Aprilia scooters are reliable, efficient and have a powerful look. So if you're interested in an Aprilia scooter, just go ahead, all models all are of excellent quality and design that places the brand firmly on par with its competitors, often well beyond.