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Stage6 50cc

Maxiscoot proudly present Stage6 50cc cylinder kits

Stage6 has always been a racing-oriented company and they sure enough have a comprehensive range of high quality engine spare parts, exhaust systems, ignitions, carburettors… Stage6 has it all covered.  When it comes to cylinder kits, Stage6 didn't make an exception to that rule. Maxiscoot is the official Stage6 distributor and is proud to present you with Stage6 50cc kits which make you stand out from the crowd when you’re on your ride. Stage6 have used of their technical know-how and their experience to be able to supply you with reliable and well-functioning high quality cylinders, no matter what use they're intended for. Do not hesitate and treat yourself to a sporty Stage6 kit, designed and developed to get the best out of your engine.

  • Stage6 50cc Kit for scooters

    For Minarelli vertical and horizontal engines.
  • Stage6 50cc Kit for scooters

    For Piaggio AC/LC engines.
  • Stage6 50cc Kit for scooters

    For Peugeot AC/LC engines.
  • Stage 6 50cc Kit for mopeds

    For Minarelli AM6 engines.
  • Stage6 50cc Kit for mopeds

    For Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3 engines.

Guaranteed HP Increase

Whether you ride your vehicle on your way to work or for mere pleasure, if you want to achieve better than average cruising speed, the Stage6 50cc kit has the cylinder your engine needs. Thanks to their 50cc displacement, Stage6 50cc kits allow you to optimise the set-up of your engine while at the same time sticking to laws and regulations. The aluminium cylinder comes with 5 transfer ports, a bridged exhaust port and a one-ring piston with a 10mm pin, a high-compression cylinder head and a nuts and bolts kit for mounting and adjusting. Stage6 50cc aluminium kits offer excellent benefits and thus are positioned within the high-end 50cc Sport market. These Stage6 50cc aluminium kits are also street-legal and definitely among the most powerful kits available. For those who want to remain on closed circuits, we recommend purchasing a matching exhaust system, variator, a racing or sports clutch and a 17.5mm carburettor to get a more balanced and homogenous overall set up.


For those who can never get enough HP and performance, we offer tuning services for your Stage6 50cc kit. If you’re interested, please write us an email to and tell us which cylinder kit you want to optimise.

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