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Stage6 Performance Öle

A New Generation of Stage6 Engine Oils

To keep up with the constant and rapid development of engines, especially in the tuning sector, Stage6 is launching a new generation of high-quality engine oils:
a fully synthetic 2-stroke racing oil, a semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil for everyday use and a gear oil for manual transmissions and wet clutches. The high-quality, high-performance oils equally lubricate, clean, cool, protect and ensure optimum performance even under extreme conditions. When selecting the second generation of their store brand oils, Stage6 took the game to the next level and opted for HQ engine oils made in Germany, which have proven successful over many years and go far beyond specifications and minimum requirements.
Stage6 R/T 100% synthetic Oil

Pump up the AdrenalinePump up the Adrenaline

The Stage6 R/T 2-Stroke Oil 100% Synthetic was developed for the special demands of extremely powerful 2-stroke engines. Premium lubricating properties ensure improved performance and maximum protection of the sensitive engine components, which are subject to high loads and high speeds in tuned race engines. The risk of detonation was considerably reduced to allow for reliable engine operation even under extreme conditions. The Low Smoke Formula keeps the piston and exhaust system clean. The Stage6 R/T fully synthetic oil can withstand speeds up to 20,000 rpm with very high temperatures and extreme pressure on bearings and pistons.

Stage6 semi-synthetic Oil

Enjoy Everyday RidingEnjoy Everyday Riding

You can fully count on the Stage6 2-Stroke Oil Semi-Synthetic when riding your bike on your everyday routes. The engine is given optimal protection, the piston and exhaust system remain clean due to reduced smoke emission, and as a matter of course you can use the two-stroke oil for auto-lube and premix systems. The mixing properties are outstanding - the oil mixes within seconds and does not thicken and solidify even at very low temperatures. We recommend a fuel ratio of 1:50.

Stage6 Gear Oil

Smooth EngineSmooth Engine

The Stage6 Gear Oil SAE 75W-90 was developed for the lubrication of gearboxes and wet clutch systems. Optimum lubrication and protection of the transmission will lead to increased engine smoothness, improved shifting characteristics and extended life expectancy. Even at high temperatures and speeds, the lubricating film remains stable and does not break. The gear oil was specially developed for wet clutches; friction and grip are optimized to eliminate clutch slippage and allow the full transmission of engine power at all times.

Tried and Tested QualityTried and Tested Quality

Before Stage6 brought the new oils on the market, all oils were thoroughly tried and tested. The engineers of the Stage6 R&D department carried out long-term tests with various scooter engines, and the verdict was unanimously positive. Our racing experts were particularly impressed by the 100% synthetic high-performance oil – extremely clean burn without any residue, maximum lubrication, optimum protection and excellent mixing properties.

Wear ProtectionWear Protection

The top quality oils from Stage6 ensure excellent lubrication of engine components. Providing wear protection of the metal surfaces in the engine requires a continuous lubricating film that remains stable even under load. The first-rate Stage6 oils ensure maximum protection against wear and corrosion resulting in extended service life of the individual parts and the entire engine.

Minimal DepositingMinimal Depositing

The low-smoke additives used in the 2-stroke oils ensure a clean burn with little smoke and ash. The deposits are reduced to a minimum and the piston and exhaust system remain clean. Varnishing is eliminated and the piston rings will not stick.

Mixing PropertiesMixing Properties

The mixing properties of the Stage6 2-stroke oils are exceptional. The oils mix in no time, do not thicken when stored in cool conditions and are also suitable for extreme mix ratios. We recommend a fuel mix ratio of 1:50, but more extreme mixing ratios are feasible as well. And it goes without saying that the oils can be used for auto-lube and premix systems.

RACING APPROVED - Race Track Testimonials
And it wasn't only in our workshops that the new oils were appreciated and praised, they were used on various race engines, and the opinions were 100% positive. Here's some testimonials by professional racers.
Arnaud Petit

Arnaud Petit

Avec l’huile Stage6 RT nous utilisons enfin un lubrifiant spécialement développé pour le fonctionnement très spécifique des moteurs scooters et motos 50 de compétition. C’est une huile au tarif très correct, qui n’a rien à envié aux huiles des grandes marques.

Kevin Pohl

Kevin Pohl

Stage6 Öl perfekte Schmierung zum perfekten Preis in egal welcher Wetterlage. Teil- und Vollsyntetisch genießbar !

Alessandro Blando

Alessandro Blando

Per i miei motori da gara uso esclusivamente olio motore Stage6! Quando la carburazione, lo squish e la compressione sono al limite, serve un olio motore in grado di sostenere queste condizioni estreme.