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Stage6 | Scooter Racing and Customizing |


Stage6 Racing

Stage6 Racing is the racing division of the brand Stage6. Stage6 Racing is a development and research team aiming for speed, results and records. But above all, Stage6 racing is a great success story. The story of a small company and brand that has remained undeterred by anything and that managed to become an established name on par with the big names in the business. Stage6 Racing is a range of products, directly inspired by competitive racing, drawing on the experience gained from years spent on the race track. It is a selection of parts, ranging from cylinder to transmission, from intake to exhaust. Products that are designed, optimized, tested and eventually launched for one purpose only: performance.
The Stage6 Team is working tirelessly to be able to offer you a wide range of performance parts for competitive prices. The Stage6 racing line is always breaking new grounds and made it possible for a lot of people to get started at racing who just couldn't afford to do so before.




Stage6 Customizing

Stage6's customizing division is in charge of adding the looks to the awesome performance monsters built in the Stage6 racing workshops. Finishing first is a nice feeling, but finishing first with style feels even better! Stage6 tuning takes care of the way you present yourself with the same priorities as for your engine: high quality products at fair and affordable prices. Stage6 Customizing or SSP (for Stage6 Styling Parts) is expanding its selection every day with numerous parts in an wide variety of styles.
Upgrading your scooter with Stage6 custom parts will guarantee an specific style, clean and classy. SSP parts stand for highest quality, style and durability. The materials and techniques used were chosen in order to place SSP among the best brands in scooter customization.

As with many Stage6 products, Maxiscoot was deeply involved in the development of SSP parts, and taking your experiences, your needs, your wants into consideration, Stage6, in collaboration with Maxiscoot, has developed this product line.
Feel free to check it out yourself. Our catalogue will definitely contain Stage6 styling parts (SSP) for your machine as well, either universal or specific parts, if that's the style you want, no need to spend insane amounts of money. With Stage6, you can't go wrong!