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One might assume that SYM is part of the new wave of Asian manufacturers emerging from China's recent economic boom, but in reality, SYM has been around since the 50s and has recently passed the 10 million sales mark (scooters and motorcycles). SYM is a subsidiary of Sanyang Industry Co. which also owns car manufacturer Hyundai. SYM is their the two wheels division.

In 2005, SYM has launched its new range specifically designed for the European market, featuring maxi scooters GTS (125cc 250cc up) and the famous Mio (50cc and 100cc). In 2006, SYM released numerous models for the Indian market through their partner networks.

Since the 90s, the brand is established in Europe and each year sees their popularity increase significantly. Indeed, the manufacturer has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, the company is ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 certified and boasts an impressive collection of prestigious awards and prizes for overall quality, design, or the environment-friendly innovations. Their presence on the French 50cc market still remains marginal, but SYM is already well-established internationally with their range of maxiscooter and we expect the popularity of their scooters to spread rapidly.





Chinese Scooters | The Alternative |

Chinese scooters

The boom of the Chinese economy in recent years has seen the arrival of new scooters on our markets. Chinese scooters have a lot of potential. The low prices of Chinese scooters make them affordable for  smaller budgets, and their engines, often 4-stroke, demonstrate excellent reliability.

But Chinese scooters have long been avoided by aftermarket parts manufacturers, who preferred to focus on the most popular, usually European or Japanese, scooters. However, things are about to change, and more and more aftermarket parts manufacturers recently began to design parts for Chinese scooters. Of course, Maxiscoot is making an effort to compose an online catalog with a range of parts to customize and improve your Chinese scooter.
Chinese scooters today are a valid and interesting choice for anyone looking for a scooter, their unique qualities make them an enjoyable, sober, low-profile, reliable scooter for everyday use, and for those who want to take them to the track, engine and transmission upgrades are starting to fill our catalogue for both 2 and 4 stroke engines.