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Variator Kit High Performance Oversize


Variator Kit High Performance Oversize


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In collaboration with our MXS Racing Team, we would like to share our long-standing experience with 2-wheelers of all kinds and suggest this variator kit as we think it is the best combination you can probably go for, and we use it on our test engines and prototypes all the time.


This high performance kit includes:


The combination of these components and the way they're complementing one another will optimize and maximize the performance of your engine. As a matter of course, it has to be combined with appropriate primary and secondary transmission, depending on your engine.

This high performance variator kit is ideally suited for MXS GP 90cc cylinders, but can also be used with any other 70cc to 95cc Hyper Racing cylinder.
Mounting this oversize kit requires a standard milling job (which is, as you may know, standard procedure when it comes to oversized variators.


Note: the only torque springs compatible with Stage6 112mm variators are the Minarelli ones!

Data Sheet

Name Variator Kit High Performance Oversize
Brand MXS Custom
Range Oversize
Roller Size 19 x 15,5 mm

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Area 51 LC

Gulliver 50cc AC

Gulliver 50cc LC

Rally 50cc AC

Rally 50cc LC

SR 50cc AC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc LC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc Netscaper LC - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc Racing LC (before 2000) Minarelli

SR 50cc Stealth LC - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc WWW AC (after 2000) Minarelli engine

SR 50cc WWW AC - before Minarelli engine

Scarabeo 50cc AC (after 1998)

Scarabeo 50cc AC (before 1998)

Sonic 50cc AC

Sonic 50cc LC


491 50cc GT AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc RR LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc RR Replica LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc ST LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc Sport LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

K2 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

K2 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Naked 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

Pepe 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.


Ark 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Ark 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Chrono 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Eikon 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Quadra 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Tempo 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.


Dragster 50cc LC


Ark 50cc AC

Ark 50cc LC

Chrono 50cc AC

Go 50cc AC

Quadra 50cc AC

Tempo 50cc AC


Florett 50cc AC

Flory 50cc AC


Equalis 50cc AC

Evolis 50cc AC

Fizz 50cc AC

Flipper 50cc AC

Forte 50cc AC

MachG 50cc AC

MachG 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

MachG 50cc LC (before 2003)

Nitro 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 1999)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 2013)

Nitro 50cc LC (before 1999)

Nitro Naked 50cc LC

Nitro Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Ovetto 50cc AC 2008

Ovetto 50cc AC before 2008

Ovetto One 50cc (after 2013)

Sorriso 50cc AC (after 1996)


Centro 50cc (until 2008) (Minarelli-engine)

Centro 50cc AC

Ciak 50cc AC

F10 CAT 50cc AC (after 1999)

F10 Jet Line 50cc AC (before 1999)

F10 Wap 50cc AC (after 2004)

F12 Phantom 50cc AC

F12 Phantom 50cc AC (after 2004)

F12 Phantom 50cc LC

F12 Phantom 50cc LC (after 2004)

F12 Phantom R 50cc AC

F12 Phantom R 50cc LC

F15 Firefox 50cc AC (after 2004)

F15 Firefox 50cc LC

F15 Firefox 50cc LC (after 2004)

Yesterday 50cc AC


RS Sport 50cc AC


Aerox 50cc LC (after 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC (before 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Aerox Naked 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox R 50cc LC (after 2013)

Axis 50cc AC

Breeze 50cc AC

Jog 50cc AC

Jog R 50cc AC

Jog RR 50cc LC (before 2003)

Jog RR 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Neo's 50cc AC 2008

Neo's 50cc AC before 2008

Neo's Easy 50cc 2013

Why 50cc AC

Zest YE 50cc AC

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  6. Stage6 R/T

    Stage6 R/T Variator Oversize Yamaha Aerox / BW's

    Not available.
    Stage6 R/T Variator Oversize Kit MBK Nitro / Booster for an excellent price! The variator is equipped wit 6 roller weights (19x15.5mm - 3.5g) and comes with a special R/T fan wheel (plastic, removable, for example for drag races) and a reinforced racing torque spring. It comes with a 13mm variator sleeve, but you can order a 16mm sleeve for smooth spline crankshafts for it. It's perfectly fine to use this oversized vario with standard torque drivers, but to unlock its full potential, we recommend using it with the Stage6 R/T oversize torque drive.Angles and roller tracks were revised and optimized. The surfaces are treated with a special protective ceramic coating to give it a longer life and to improve performance. Note: you cannot use your electric choke with this racing variator. Learn More

    Stage6 R/T

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