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Grand Concour de Noell 2014

watch out and discover a lot of surprises,
the whole month of december 2014!

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and the end of the year, and Maxiscoot wants to celebrate with you! That's why we're having a X-Mas Lottery!

You want to be part of it? That's easy enough: all orders we receive in December will automatically enter our X-Mas Lottery. The winners will be drawn at the end of the month. Just try your luck, there are more than 30 prizes to be won!

Here's a little peek at our prizes:

  • 1 MBK Booster
  • 1 MXS GP2 Tuning Kit 90cc learn more
  • 1 MXS Cylinder Kit 70cc MBK Booster learn more
  • 1 Yasuni Exhaust learn more
  • 5 MXS Wear T-Shirts «HIGHSPEED EXCLUSIVE» grey learn more
  • 2 Tickets for Scooter Power Weekend 2015 + VIP companion
  • 4 Gift Coupons: 2 x 50 €, 2 x 25 €
  • 5 MXS Wear Belts "MXS BELT BASIC" learn more
  • 1 Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc R/T MKI Piaggio NRG / Runner learn more
  • 1 Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc R/T MKI MBK Nitro / Aerox learn more
  • 1 Stage6 Speedometer R/T digital white learn more
  • 1 Stage6 Crankshaft HPC, 12mm MBK Booster / Stunt learn more
  • 6 Yasuni Shirts

... and many more!