AV 88
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The MBK AV 88 from the French manufacturer Motobécane was the bestselling moped in the world until 1990. Robust, simple, economical, top quality manufacturing, the two-wheeler also had ample storage space in its frame, and the "luxury" versions even had a luggage hook and an anti-theft device. The AV 88 was equipped with a 2-stroke engine and a continuously variable transmission, the Mobymatic. In France, the MBK was a part of everyday life, and in many developing countries the robust moped was and is used as a commercial vehicle. Just like the somewhat faster-looking MBK 51, the MBK 88, also called "La Bleue" (The Blue), achieved cult status and is lovingly maintained and repaired by its fans since a lot of spare parts are still available.

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