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Booster Track 50cc AC
10180 articoli
Scooter / MBK

The MBK Booster is one of the most popular scooter models in France; MBK is a subsidiary of Yamaha, and so the scooter is marketed internationally as Yamaha BW's or Yamaha Zuma. The Booster has been built since 1989, a big incision occurred in 2004 - the Booster was completely redesigned, it got equipped with a catalytic converter and the small street moped was given a more modern look. The reason for the popularity of the MBK Booster 50cc is not only the relatively affordable price, but also the successful design and the reliable Minarelli vertical engine. Spare parts for the 50cc 2-stroke scooter with CVT were and are easily available, and tuning and custom fans can go all out on the Booster, because they can achieve a real performance boost or a new look with only little modification and effort.

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