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Jog 50cc AC
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Scooter / Yamaha

The Yamaha Jog is a 50cc scooter with air-cooled Minarelli horizontal (Jog R) or liquid-cooled Minarelli horizontal (Jog RR) two-stroke engine. The Jog R is the perfect companion for the city, with enough storage space, good legroom and footrests for the passenger. The acceleration of this "City Jogger" is very good, when taking off at traffic lights you will get a nice head start. The small scooter is agile, nimble and easy to handle. The Jog is no longer built, but since it is equipped with one of the most common engine types (Minarelli horizontal AC or LC), it is still easy to find all spare parts and many tuning parts for these scooter models.

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