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MP3 250cc i.e. ZAPM472
8705 articoli
Maxiscooter / Piaggio

Piaggio revolutionized the world of two-wheelers when they launched the Piaggio MP3 - the large scooter with three wheels was not exactly welcomed with open arms and yet became a bestseller within a very short time. The MP3 combines the driving dynamics of a motorcycle and the agility of a scooter with the comfort and safety of a car. The MP3 was and is available in versions from 125cc to 500cc displacement. The parallel suspended front wheels offer optimal stability without compromising the typical motorcycle cornering and agility. The MP3 is powered by a powerful 4V 4-stroke engine, the injection is controlled electronically, the transmission is continuously variable, the brakes are equipped with ABS and Wave brake discs. The MP3 is also very generous in terms of equipment - lots of storage space, lots of comfort, LED lights, windscreen and multifunctional cockpit.

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