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neo's 50cc ac prima del 2008
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Scooter / Yamaha

The Yamaha Neo's or Neos is a city scooter from Yamaha that is completely identical to the MBK Ovetto from Yamaha's subsidiary MBK. Unlike many other 50cc scooters and mopeds, the Yamaha Neo's is not necessarily aimed at very young riders, the more classic look with a stepped seat and low headlights aim to appeal to older riders as well. In adddition to the popular 50cc version with almost 3 hp, Yamaha / MBK introduced a more powerful model with 100cc displacement and almost 7 hp. Both versions are equipped with an air-cooled Minarelli two-stroke engine, later a 50cc 4-stroke version was added. The Neo's is the ideal city scooter thanks to its easy handling via CVT transmission and electric starter, and thanks to its low price it is also a great alternative for teenagers and riders on a small budget.

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