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The Yamaha Aerox, also affectionately called Roxy, is one of the best-selling scooters in Germany and is also very popular in other European countries. The Aerox is built since 1997. The first generation was completely identical to the MBK Nitro, but since 2013 the scooter is only marketed under the name Aerox. In 2018 there was a radical change - the original 2-stroke scooter with liquid-cooled 50cc Minarelli horizontal engine was replaced by a 4-stroke engine. The Aerox is a modern scooter with automatic transmission (CVT) and auto-lube system. In terms of power, a stock fresh from the factory Aerox yields about 3 HP power at 7,000 rpm. The Yamaha Aerox has won many friends and fans over the years - precise manufacturing, robust build, easy maintainance and sporty modern design. A big advantage of the Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro with its common and widespread Minarelli horizontal LC engine is that it can be tuned easily, even inexperienced scooter owners can get a bit more power out of their scooter with simple, inexpensive parts and little know-how.

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