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sr 50cc ac (prima del '94) - minarelli vertikal
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Scooter / Aprilia

The Aprilia SR 50 has gained a large fan base on the road and on the race track since its was launched in 1992. The 50cc 2-stroke is sporty and performance-oriented with approx. 4 hp output, features precise handling and outstanding, sporty cornering and has high-quality equipment such as front and rear disc brakes and electronically controlled carburetor. Over the years the many SR models (e.g. Funmaster, Stealth, WWW, Area 51) have been equipped with different engines - Morini, Minarelli and of course Piaggio, there were also 4-stroke models, models with more than 50cc displacement and the DiTech series with a fuel injected engine. In contrast to many modern scooter manufacturers, who are increasingly focusing on quiet 4-stroke engines, the Aprilia SR sticks with the cult 2-stroke engine. The current models are the SR50 Street, SR50 R and SR50 R Factory.

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