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tph 50cc ac (dal 2010)
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Scooter / Piaggio

The Piaggio Typhoon 50 has firmly established itself as one of Piaggio's most popular scooter models with automatic transmission / CVT. The Typhoon or TPH 50 was initially equipped with a 2-stroke engine. Due to the increasingly strict emission standards, the New Typhoon is powered by a quiet, economical 4-stroke engine since 2011, and since 2019 by the so-called Hi-Per engine block in Euro 4 standard. The Typhoon aims to appeal to a younger audience - sporty, lively, agile and dynamic. Grab handles, extendable footrests, USB port and a spacious luggage compartment make the scooter very suitable for everyday use. The New Typhoon has relatively wide tires with off-road tread, which can handle difficult terrains, and they look great.

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