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Zip FastRider 50cc AC
9917 articoli
Scooter / Piaggio

Piaggio launched their Piaggio Zip in the 1990s as an economy model. It quickly became a popular street scooter. Small, agile, versatile and committed to a no-frills design, it is the perfect moped for urban riding, but within a short time it became the number 1 50cc scooter model for racing. The Piaggio Zip with air-cooled 50cc 2 engine (Piaggio short) is extremely light, so that with just a little bit of tuningt it is possible to increase acceleration and top speed considerably. The small speedster became one most commonplace models on European race tracks, and in addition to engine tuning there is a lot of custom options for the Piaggio Zip, i.e. aesthetic tuning.

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