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Senda enduro 2000 (prima del '04) - (perimetrale)-euro 2
10826 articoli
Moto 50cc / Derbi

The Derbi Senda is a 50cc moped with manual transmission, which is produced in different off-road enduro (Derbi Senda R) and the more on-road use supermoto / supermotard (Derbi Senda SM) versions. In addition to the regular models, there is the DRD Pro series, intended for competition and racing. The Senda has undergone two major changes - the EBS Euro 2 engine became a D50B0 Euro 3 engine in 2005, and the original tube frame was replaced by an aluminium alloy beam frame. From entry-level model to racer, the Senda series is one of the most popular geared mopeds in Europe. Due to its great popularity, there are many spare and tuning parts available for most models. The Senda can be tuned very easily, engine power which is pretty restricted in stock engines can be increased immensely.

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