Bidalot Primary Transmission Racing Factory Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0)

Bidalot Item no.: BID32500352

Bidalot Primary Transmission Racing Factory Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0)


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Bidalot Racing Factory Transmission Kit Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0), complete high-end primary transmission by tuning specialist Bidalot.

This complete transmission with clutch and primary gears by Bidalot Racing Factory will reduce clutch slipping, especially in larger displacement engines with lots of power. Gear ratio of this transmission differs from the original - taller gears reduce the overall gear ratio, smaller gears increase it. Maximum input shaft rotation will kick in more quickly so pressure on the clutch is reduced to improve clutch grip and avoid slipping. In addition, the clutch basket is made of solid aluminium which allows for mounting 6 discs instead of only 4. Clutch slipping is avoided and all available power is transmitted to the wheel.

The kit includes:

  • primary gear 21 teeth
  • primary gear 64 teeth
  • water pump gear
  • pinion for counterbalance shaft
  • 2x needle bearings
  • clutch basket CNC-cut
  • clutch bell CNC-cut
  • pressure plate
  • 6x friction plates + 5 steel discs
  • 5x racing clutch springs
  • screws

Data Sheet

Name Bidalot Primary Transmission Racing Factory Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0)
Item No. BID32500352
Brand Bidalot
Assembly Pre-pressed

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


RS4 50cc (after 2011 - D50B0 Euro 3)

RS 50cc (D50B0) - 2006 - 2011

RX 50 (as from 2006 D50B1)

RX Enduro 50cc (D50B0) - after 2006

SX SM 50cc (D50B0) - after 2006


GPR 50cc Nude 2005 2011 (D50B0 Euro 3)

GPR 50cc Racing 2005 - 2011 (D50B0 Euro3)

GPR 50cc after 2012

Senda DRD PRO Racing SM(after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda DRD PRO SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R DRD PRO Enduro (after 2005) -(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R DRD Racing Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R X-Race Trail (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R X-Treme Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda X-Race SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda X-Treme SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)


RCR Enduro 50 (as from 2011 D50B0)

RCR Enduro 50cc 2006 (D50B0) - (perimeter)

SMT SM 50 (2011-2012 D50B0 ZAPABB00)

SMT SM 50 (after 2013 D50B0 ZAPABB01)

SMT SM 50cc 2006 (D50B0) - (perimeter)

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