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BRK Racing Exhaust

Barikit Item no.: BRK-ESC-04

BRK Racing Exhaust



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BRK Racing Exhaust 70cc AM6 Supermoto, available for a very good price.

The expansion chamber is made of thin sheet metal (rolled and welded) and comes with a carbon/Aramid silencer.

It is designed to go with 70cc racing/Hyper Racing cylinders and is accordingly quite torquey, with maximum output at (very) high rpm.Though maybe not as widely known as some other exhausts, it represents a good (and less expensive) alternative to Yasuni R3, MK Pro Race, SCR RL70 and other more common racing exhausts.

For geared mopeds / supermotos with Minarelli AM6 engines (see our extensive "Suitable for" list).

Data Sheet

Name BRK Racing Exhaust
Item No. BRK-ESC-04
Brand Barikit
EAN 8435031127785
Homologation No
Product Line Hyper racing

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


RR-T SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR Alu SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

RR SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)


WSM SM Racing 50cc (AM6, Euro 2)


SM Supermoto 50cc

SMX 50cc

Fantic Motor

Caballero SM 50cc


Trigger SM 50cc (AM6)


Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2005) AM6

Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2006) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2005) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2006) AM6


SM Cross 50cc (AM6)


X-Limit SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 - (perimeter)

X-Limit SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)


XSM Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003)


Furia Max Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RYZ Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)


XP6-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

XPS-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)


SMX SM 50cc (AM6)

SMX SM 50cc Pro (AM6)


Supermotard 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard Champion Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard IPONE Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard Shark 50cc (AM6)


DTX SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 - (perimeter)

DTX SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

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