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Geared Moped

  • Stage6 Oil

Everything for your Moped tuning project


Whether out of necessity or out of passion, the number of people who go for a 50cc moped is growing. Maxiscoot is a 50cc (scooter, moped, 4-stroke scooter) spare parts retail specialist and has all the answers to your specific queries and wishes because Maxiscoot maintains a massive stock of products from great manufacturers such as Stage6, Malossi, Polini, and more. In our various sections, we offer numerous types of engine components such as moped exhaust systems, various carburetor components, crankshafts and the like. Our pricing is most reasonable and allows you to equip your moped without risking financial ruin. We know that the wheels of your ride matter both as to safety as well as in relation to performance. In order to be able to cater to any needs you may have in this field, we have one of the largest offerings of shock absorbers, wheel rims, forks, handlebars, tires, footrests and brake accessories in stock. We have stuff for all imaginable tastes and budgets! For some, performance is the only criterion, whereas others take great care of the looks of their moped. Maxiscoot has all you need in order to let your moped morph into a veritable custom ride. Have a look at our nice-price fairing and tuning accessories. Two-wheelers are normally equipped with an electronic system so as to power and operate the lights, indicators and the horn, but most importantly, the ignition. Our electric equipment and lights section has got everything you need in order to ensure safety in traffic when riding your beloved moped.


You and your belongings - protection is key


Sometimes you will have to leave your ride unattended for the duration of a soccer match or a yoga session, as the case may be. Either way, it’s great if you can be sure that your moped will be in the same place where you parked it before, without having to look out for it every 5 minutes. No worries, this can be achieved with our EC-approved practical anti-theft alarm systems and locks which guarantee your peace of mind. As an extra, our luggage and bags section contains everything you need in order to store your helmet, smartphone, documents and other belongings safely. Many of you use the wintertime solely for maintaining and improving your mopeds whilst looking at the horizon and waiting for better times. Others refuse to be locked inside and continue to use their moped for commuting purposes – that is not the result of magic or witchcraft; all you need to do in order to be able to brave the cold and other adverse weather conditions is to dress appropriately. Maxiscoot offers a huge array of protective clothing to fight cold weather and rain for discount prices, as well as equally affordable windscreens. The maintenance of your moped is paramount if you want to make sure that your vehicle starts when prompted, and not too long thereafter. In order to simplify your maintenance regime, we offer inexpensive lubricants and other maintenance products. For proper tinkering, you need proper gear and tools. Very often people decide against the purchase of new tools when confronted with the price of the latter and try to prod along with old and worn-off tools or with low-quality ones. We have any tools you may need in stock, for low prices and in high quality. Treat yourself to the means by which you can tool up your beloved moped and make it beautiful, you will find that there is no risk for your financial future involved!