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Gurtner Main Jet 60

Gurtner S.A Item no.: LHDG-060

Gurtner Main Jet 60

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Gurtner Main jet 60 for Gurtner carburetors. You should always start off with a too-large main jet when going about jetting your carburetor; then decrease jet size in steps of 5 until your engine is running fine.

Run your scooter with open throttle for a short time and then cut the engine dead, remove the spark plug and take a look at it. If it is black or/and overly oily, the mixture is too rich and you'll have to decrease jet size. If it is whitish, the mixture is too lean, which can lead to engine seizure! A proper mixture is indicated by a medium brownish/reddish spark plug.

Jet size: 60.

Data Sheet

Name Gurtner Main Jet 60
Item No. LHDG-060
Brand Gurtner S.A
Jet Position Main
Jet Size 060

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