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Cyclo motors Engine essentials


Cyclo motors are less widespread than scooters and geared mopeds, but they are still popular on account of their economic pricing and because they are practical. For some, they represent collector items whilst others simply use them for commuting. However, cyclo motors are and always will be present in one form or another. The Maxiscoot team consists of 50cc fanatics and the crew decided that it is about time to create a better offering for cyclo motor owners, for them to be able to maintain and personalise their cyclo motor. Therefore, our entire assortment of exhaust systems, carburettor accessories, cylinders, crankshafts, etc. extends to cyclo motors as well; you can find the respective gear in our engine section. Wheels are just as important as the engine and therefore it is of little surprise that our online-shop offers an exceptional choice when it comes to shock absorbers, wheel rims, braking accessories, forks, handlebars, tyres and footrests, all of which represent great value for money. The number of cyclo motor fans who reinstate olden rides is also growing. The latter group will be glad to hear that we have the tuning cowls and accessories which they need for the transformation and/or rejuvenation of their cyclo motor. The lighting and the electric accessories are part of the mandatory set-up if you wish to take part in road traffic. Have a look at our ignitions, lights, bulbs and batteries, which can be found in our ‘Electric Gear and Lighting’ section.


Better be safe than sorry!


The worst nightmare of any cyclo motor owner is the theft of the beloved ride. In order to avoid such negative surprises, Maxiscoot has selected numerous locks and anti-theft alarm systems which guarantee the safety of your vehicle. U-shaped locks, disc blocks and chains – our shop contains great a many models. Looks are important but often, the practical side of a cyclo motor configuration is being neglected. In order to remedy this, we have a ‘Luggage and Bags’ section where you can find everything you need in order to store your helmet, gloves and other personal belongings. The winter is the least popular season with cyclo motor pilots. It is true that cold, rain, wind or even snow is not ideal for riding a cyclo motor. However, our assortment of windbreakers, windscreens and thermal clothing, available for promotional prices, may help. Maintenance and regular reviews are advisable if you wish to conserve your ride and keep it in a fit state in the long run. We have the industrial fats, engine oils, brake fluids and cooling liquids which you need, you can find them in our ‘Lubricants and Maintenance’ section. Washing your ride is part of the maintenance regime and we have the respective products: big brands, little prices. Fill your boots and don’t be shy! Good tools make for good tinkering – whatever tool you’re using, use a good one because it will make things so much easier. If you want to tool up without shooting your bank account in the head, have a look at our ‘Tools’ section, we have everything you need in order to facilitate your project. A good workshop is right around the corner, in fact even closer, it is right in your garage if you got the right tools at hand.