Motoforce Roller Weights 15x12mm

Toxik Item no.: MF56.15000

Motoforce Roller Weights 15x12mm

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Data Sheet
Suitable for (405)


Adjustable Motoforce Variator Calibration Weights 15 x 12mm, perfect calibrating set for adjusting your variator. This special roller weight system with pins allows for very precise adjustment with just one set, from 1.95g to 6.51g, always depending on how many pins you put into the shell. Just experiment and play around until you get the perfect weight for your engine set-up. Instead of buying lots of different sets to try and find out what works best for your engine, get this inexpensive calibration set so you can find out what you need in advance. It will save you money and time.

  • 6 weights
  • 60 calibrating pins
  • size: 15 x 12mm
  • weight guide
  • Make sure the pins are seated properly to avoid imbalances inside the variator.

    Data Sheet

    Name Motoforce Roller Weights 15x12mm
    Item No. MF56.15000
    Brand Toxik
    Roller Size 15 x 12 mm

    Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


    Firejet 50cc 2-stroke AC (YY50QT-27)


    Classic 50cc


    Race 2 stroke AC

    Race GT 50 (after 2010)

    Race GT 50 (until 2009)

    Spin GE50 2 stroke AC

    Adly (Her Chee)

    ATV 50cc AC (Quad)

    AirTech 50cc

    Blizzard GTA 50cc

    Cat 50cc

    GTA 50cc

    GTC 50cc

    Jet 50cc

    Noble 50cc

    Panther 50cc

    Silver Fox 50cc

    Super Sonic 50cc

    TB 50cc AC

    Thunderbike 50cc


    Amico 50cc AC (1991 - 1992)

    Amico 50cc ac (after 1993)

    Amico GL 50cc AC

    Amico Sport 50cc AC

    Area 51 LC

    Gulliver 50cc AC

    Gulliver 50cc LC

    Habana 50cc AC (after 1999)

    Habana 50cc AC (before 1999)

    Mojito 50cc (1999 - 2004)

    Rally 50cc AC

    Rally 50cc LC

    SR 50cc AC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

    SR 50cc AC (before 1994) - Minarelli vertical

    SR 50cc Funmaster LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine

    SR 50cc LC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

    SR 50cc Netscaper LC - Minarelli horiz.

    SR 50cc Racing LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine

    SR 50cc Racing LC (before 2000) Minarelli

    SR 50cc Sport LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine

    SR 50cc Stealth LC - Minarelli horiz.

    SR 50cc WWW AC (after 2000) Minarelli engine

    SR 50cc WWW AC - before Minarelli engine

    Scarabeo 50cc AC (after 1998)

    Scarabeo 50cc AC (before 1998)

    Sonic 50cc AC

    Sonic 50cc LC


    Byte 50cc AC

    Hacker 50cc AC

    Hacker 50cc LC

    Skeggia 50cc AC

    Skeggia 50cc LC


    BT49QT-18C1 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke

    BT49QT-20C 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke

    BT49QT-28A 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke

    BT50QT-28B 2-stroke

    Rocky 50cc 2-stroke (BT49QT-18E1) (1E40QMA)

    Tanco 50cc 2-stroke (BT49QT-18F1) (1E40QMA)


    491 50cc GT AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    491 50cc RR LC (after 2003) - Morini

    491 50cc RR LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    491 50cc RR Replica LC (after 2003) - Morini

    491 50cc RR Replica LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    491 50cc ST AC (after 2003) - Morini

    491 50cc ST LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    491 50cc Sport LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    K2 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

    K2 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

    Naked 50cc AC (after 2003) - Morini

    Naked 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    Pepe 50cc AC (after 2003) - Morini

    Pepe 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

    Pepe LX 50cc

    QuattronoveX (49X) 50cc 2-stroke AC


    GT 50cc 2-stroke

    K2 50cc 2-stroke

    Speedo 50cc 2-stroke

    Speedy 50cc 2-stroke


    YY50QT-27 50cc 2-stroke


    Ark 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

    Ark 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

    Chrono 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

    Eikon 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

    Quadra 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

    Tempo 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.


    Aragon 50cc

    Aragon GP 50cc

    Bingo / Tennessee 50cc (before 2003)

    Bravo 50cc

    Formular R 50cc

    Freaky 50cc

    GTR 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

    Hussar 50cc AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm)

    Hussar 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

    Oliver 50cc AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm)

    Oliver 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

    Oliver City 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005)

    Oliver Sport 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005)

    Popcorn 50c AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm)

    Popcorn 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)


    Atlantis 50cc AC (before 06/2002) - Morini

    Atlantis 50cc LC (before 06/2002) - Morini

    Hunter 50cc AC - Morini

    Paddok 50cc AC - Morini

    Paddok 50cc LC - Morini

    Predator 50cc AC - Morini

    Predator 50cc LC - Morini

    Vamos 50cc AC - Morini


    F8 50cc 2-stroke


    TB 50cc (Thunder Bike)

    Explorer (ATU)

    Cracker 50cc 2-stroke

    Kallio 50cc New Edition

    Kallio 50cc old version

    Race GT 50 (as from 2010)

    Race GT50 2-stroke AC

    Race GT50 Limited 2-stroke AC

    Race GT50 Sondermodell EM 2012

    Spin GE50 2-stroke AC

    Spin GE50 Blue Edition 2-stroke AC

    Twister 50cc


    Xò 50cc 2-stroke


    Cracker 50cc

    Epico 50cc 2-stroke

    Ideo 50cc AC

    Jump 50cc 2-stroke

    Onxy 50cc 2-stroke

    Pandora 50cc 2-stroke

    Race 2 50cc 2-stroke

    Race 50cc 2-stroke

    Roc 50cc

    Sirion 50cc 2-stroke

    Spin GE 50cc

    Stroke 50cc

    Toxic 50cc 2-stroke

    XOR 2 50cc 2-stroke

    XOR 50cc AC


    Dragster 50cc LC

    Formula 50cc AC

    Formula 50cc LC

    Pista 2 50cc AC

    Pista 50cc AC

    Scoop 50cc

    Torpedo 50cc AC - Morini

    Velocifero 50cc AC


    Cool 50cc

    PT 50cc


    GT3 50cc 2-stroke

    GT5.2 50cc 2-stroke

    YY50QT-27 (2 stroke)


    Zeus B12 50cc [JSD50QT-9B] (2-Takt)


    Warrior 50cc (2-stroke)


    Ark 50cc AC

    Ark 50cc LC

    Chrono 50cc AC

    Go 50cc AC

    Quadra 50cc AC

    Tempo 50cc AC


    K50cc 2-stroke


    Agora 50cc 2-stroke

    Arn 50cc 2-stroke

    Easy 50cc 2-stroke after 2009

    F-Act 50cc

    F-Act 50cc 2-stroke after 2009

    F-Act NKD Naked 50cc 2-stroke

    F-Act Racing SP 50cc 2-stroke after 2009

    Flash 50cc

    Focus 50cc

    Goccia 50cc

    Hacker 50cc

    Hurricane 50cc

    Matrix 50cc

    Matrix SP (V3) 50cc 2-stroke (2007-2008)

    Matrix SP (V4) 50cc 2-stroke (after 2009)

    Pixel 50cc 2-stroke after 2009

    RX8 50cc

    RY6 50cc

    RY6 50cc 2-stroke after 2009

    RY8 50cc

    RY8 EVO 50cc 2-stroke

    RY8 Racing 50cc 2-stroke

    RY8 SP 50cc 2-stroke

    Swan 50cc

    Venus 50cc 2-stroke


    Florett 2.0 RS 50cc AC

    Florett 2.1 RS 50cc AC

    Florett 50cc AC

    Florett RMC E 50cc

    Florett RMC F 50cc

    Flory 50cc AC

    Galactica 2.0 50cc AC

    Galactica 2.0 RC 50cc AC

    Galactica 2.0 RS DD 50cc

    Galactica 3.0 50cc LC

    Galactica 3.0 RS 50cc AC

    Galactica 50cc

    Hiker 2.0 50cc

    Hiker 50cc

    Jigger 50cc 2-stroke

    Vabene 50cc


    S-Force 50cc 2 stroke

    S-Ray 50cc (2 stroke)


    Digita 50cc 2-stroke

    Estate 50cc 2-stroke

    Excatly 50cc (2 stroke)

    F1 50cc 2-stroke

    Firefox 50cc 2-stroke

    Grido 50cc 2-stroke

    LJ50QT-F 50cc 2-stroke

    LJ50QT-K 50cc 2-stroke

    New Pach 5cc 2-stroke

    Speedjet-Evo 50cc 2-stroke

    Speedjet 50 LC 2-stroke

    Trevis 50cc 2-stroke

    Two Liquid 50cc 2-stroke

    Versus 50cc 2-stroke


    Booster 50cc AC (1992 - 1999)

    Booster 50cc AC (after 2004)

    Booster Next 50cc AC (after 1999)

    Booster Next 50cc AC (before 1999)

    Booster One 50cc until 2013

    Booster Rocket 50cc AC

    Booster Spirit 50cc AC (before 2004)

    Booster Track 50cc AC

    Equalis 50cc AC

    Evolis 50cc AC

    Fizz 50cc AC

    Flipper 50cc AC

    Forte 50cc AC

    MachG 50cc AC

    MachG 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

    MachG 50cc LC (before 2003)

    Nitro 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

    Nitro 50cc LC (after 1999)

    Nitro 50cc LC (after 2013)

    Nitro 50cc LC (before 1999)

    Nitro Naked 50cc LC

    Nitro Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

    Ovetto 50cc AC 2008

    Ovetto 50cc AC before 2008

    Ovetto One 50cc (after 2013)

    Sorriso 50cc AC (after 1996)

    Stunt 50cc AC

    Stunt 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

    Stunt Naked 50cc AC


    Centro 50cc (until 2008) (Minarelli-engine)

    Centro 50cc AC

    Crosser 50cc AC - Morini

    F10 CAT 50cc AC (after 1999)

    F10 Jet Line 50cc AC (before 1999)

    F10 Wap 50cc (CPI after 2008)

    F10 Wap 50cc AC (after 2004)

    F12 Phantom 50cc AC

    F12 Phantom 50cc AC (CPI after 2007)

    F12 Phantom 50cc AC (after 2004)

    F12 Phantom 50cc LC

    F12 Phantom 50cc LC (after 2004)

    F12 Phantom R 50cc AC

    F12 Phantom R 50cc LC

    F15 Firefox 50cc AC (after 2004)

    F15 Firefox 50cc LC

    F15 Firefox 50cc LC (after 2004)

    Yesterday 50cc AC


    Desire Race 50cc 2-stroke

    Force Racing 50cc 2-stroke

    Power Star 50cc 2-stroke

    Racing Power 50cc 2-stroke

    Meteorit (ATU)

    KB 50cc AC 2 temps

    Moto Bi

    BS1 Eco 50cc AC 2-stroke

    Imola RS 50cc

    Imola SE 50cc

    Modena 50cc

    Pesaro Replica 50cc

    Pesaro SS 50cc


    MF50QT 50cc 2-stroke


    Roadster 50cc 2-stroke

    Uptown 50cc 2-stroke


    City Hooper 50cc 2-stroke

    Polly 50cc 2-stroke

    Sprint 50cc 2-stroke

    Tria 50cc 2-stroke


    Crogen RS 50cc LC 2-stroke

    Crogen Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke

    Magnet 50cc 2-stroke

    Magnet RS 50cc LC 2-stroke

    Magnet Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke

    MuZ / MZ

    Anthony 50cc 2-stroke

    Max 50cc 2-stroke

    Moskito Classico 50cc 2-stroke

    Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke after 2003

    Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke temps (until 2002)

    Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)

    Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)

    Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)

    Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)


    Sky I 50cc AC

    Powersports Factory

    Viaggio RX8 50cc 2-stroke


    BT49QT-20CA 50cc Force (1E40QMA) 2-stroke


    B-05 50cc 2-stroke

    B-08 50cc 2-stroke

    REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke)

    Escape 50cc AC

    Flash 50cc

    RS 2.50 2-stroke QM50T-10A(B)

    Rexy 50cc 2-stroke AC (MK50)

    Silverstreet 50cc AC

    RIDE 50cc

    Evolution 50cc

    Vendetta 50cc


    GTX 50


    RS Sport 50cc AC


    GP 50cc

    Linos 50cc

    Phoenix 50cc

    Phoenix II 50cc

    Racing 50cc

    SP2 50cc

    VR 50cc

    XR 50cc


    Bee 2 50cc

    Bee 50cc

    Eagle 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)

    SX1 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)

    Speedforce R 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)

    Speedjet 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)

    Speedjet R 50cc AC

    Speedjet RS 50cc LC


    Basic 50cc 2-stroke

    Eagle 50cc 2-stroke

    Excatly 50cc 2-stroke

    GR8 50cc 2-stroke

    Grido 50cc 2-stroke

    Grizzy 50cc 2-stroke

    Hawk 50cc 2-stroke

    MaxX 50cc 2-stroke

    Phantom 50cc 2-stroke


    AP 50cc AC

    Address 50cc AC

    Estilete 50cc AC

    Katana 50cc AC (after 1999)

    Katana 50cc AC (before 1999)

    Katana 50cc LC (after 1999)

    Katana 50cc LC (before 1999)

    Street Magic 50cc AC

    Zillion 50cc LC (after 1999)

    Zillion 50cc LC (before 1999)


    LS49 50cc 2-stroke

    SS49 50cc 2-stroke

    Venice 49 50cc 2-stroke


    Classic 50cc 2-stroke


    Capri 50cc 2-stroke

    Cubana 50cc 2-stroke

    Fiera 50cc 2-stroke

    Fuego 50cc 2-stroke

    Mambo 50cc 2-stroke

    Mistral 50cc 2-stroke

    Movida 50cc 2-stroke

    Samba 50cc 2-stroke

    Strada 50cc 2-stroke


    Triton 50cc 2-stroke

    ZIP 50cc 2-stroke


    Aerox 50cc LC (after 1999)

    Aerox 50cc LC (before 1999)

    Aerox 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

    Aerox Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

    Aerox Naked 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

    Aerox R 50cc LC (after 2013)

    Axis 50cc AC

    BW's 50cc AC

    BW's 50cc AC (after 2004)

    BW's Bump 50cc AC

    BW's Easy 50cc 2013

    BW's NG 50cc AC (after 1999)

    BW's NG 50cc AC (before 1999)

    BW's Spy 50cc AC

    Breeze 50cc AC

    Jog 50cc AC

    Jog R 50cc AC

    Jog RR 50cc LC (before 2003)

    Jog RR 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

    Neo's 50cc AC 2008

    Neo's 50cc AC before 2008

    Neo's Easy 50cc 2013

    Slider 50cc AC (before 2004)

    Slider 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

    Spy 50cc

    Target 50cc

    Why 50cc AC

    Zest YE 50cc AC

    Zuma 50cc AC

    Zuma II 50cc AC


    RX8 50cc 2-stroke


    Bob 50cc [ZN50QT-25F] (2-stroke)

    Bobby 50cc [ZN50QT-25C] (2-stroke)

    Bomb 50cc [ZN50QT-25A] (2-stroke)

    Eyas 50cc [ZN50QT-25D] (2-stroke)

    Falcon 2 50cc [N50QT-7A] (2-stroke)

    Falcon 3 50cc [ZN50QT-7B] (2-stroke)

    Falcon 4 50cc [ZN50QT-7C] (2-stroke)

    Falcon 5 50cc [ZN50QT-7D] (2-stroke)

    King 50cc [ZN50QT-19C] (2-stroke)

    Owl 50cc [ZN50QT-25E] (2-stroke)

    Snail 50cc [ZN50QT-A] (2-stroke)

    Sun 2 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke)

    Sun 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke)

    Wacky 50cc [ZN50QT-25] (2-stroke)

    ZN50QT 50cc 2-stroke

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