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Scooter equipment – only one mouse click away

Scooter tuning specialist Maxiscoot has selected a huge array of spare parts and items form the catalogues of its suppliers, the biggest names within the industry. In our engine section, we have scooter exhaust systems, carburettor components and other engine parts which aim at improving your scooter’s power output. It is one thing to increase the power of a 50cc vehicle, but you should also think about your own safety by adapting your wheels and your braking system to your engine’s newly found power. To this end, we have a large offering of discs, calipers and pads at killer prices available in our online-shop.

Whatever the configuration of your scooter engine, we know that the design of your two-wheeler plays a central role.

We therefore offer a large assortment of fairing and tuning parts for you to modify and optimise the appearance of your favourite 50cc scooter. Lights for a better view during the night, indicators for a safe change of direction or electric systems simply for ignition and indeed a more powerful start are indispensable components of scooters and any vehicle that is deemed to be fit for use on a public road. Our electric components, lighting and ignition section comprises a great number of affordable articles for you to find the best individual set-up.

May you ride in peace!

As opposed to “may you rest in peace” – not just yet, right? It’s great to ride your scooter when the weather is nice, but when it’s cold outside or in the case of rainfall it’s a lot less fun, which is why we offer a great choice of protective gear for you to brave both cold and wet weather conditions, together with windscreens with the help of which you will be able to live your passion throughout the year with a minimum of restrictions. Also, when meeting your friends downtown or when you running errands or shopping, you would like to enjoy peace of mind and you would like to park your scooter without having to look out for it every 5 minutes, right?

To this end, we offer several anti-theft alarm systems, locks as well as respective bags and the like, for decent prices. Many a pilot’s nightmare is the breakdown of the vehicle. In order to minimise the risk of a breakdown, it is important to properly maintain your scooter. Maintenance measures must be applied regularly and the most important element here is the proper lubrication of your engine.

Having dispensed the above advice, we now are only left with the possibility to offer you the right maintenance stuff and in particular diverse lubricants and other products for little money. Proper tinkering means having proper tools at hand in the first place, and within our online-shop, you will find top-tools and everything else required for mechanical works involving your scooter. Our tools allow you to push the limits and to overcome any existing restrictions