Top Performances Roller Weights 25x22.1 - 22g green maxiscooters

Top Performances Item no.: T9922290

Top Performances Roller Weights 25x22.1 - 22g green maxiscooters

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Data Sheet
Suitable for (1207)


Top Performances variator roller weights for a bargain price, available in various sizes/weights.

Set of 6 roller weights, 25x22.1, green = 22g.

Data Sheet

Name Top Performances Roller Weights 25x22.1 - 22g green maxiscooters
Item No. T9922290
Brand Top Performances
Roller Size 25 x 22 mm
Weight 22,0 gr

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Wallstreet 125cc 4 stroke LC


Sport 300cc 4-stroke LC


AD 3 Route 125cc

AD 3 Route 250cc

AD 3 Route 400cc

AD 125cc

AD 250cc i.e.

Adly (Her Chee)

AirTech 125cc

Cat 125cc

GTA 125cc D

Mirage 125cc

Noble 125cc

Super Sonic 125cc

Thunderbike 125cc

Vanguard 125cc

Virtuality 125cc

Adly Moto (Her Chee)

Cat 100cc

Jet 100cc

Noble 100cc

Panther 100cc

Super Sonic 100cc

Thunderbike 100cc


Magmax 275cc (FBGM) (4 -stroke LC)


Atlantic 200cc (Piaggio M234M)

Atlantic 250cc i.e. 2006-2008 (ZD4SPE)

Atlantic 300cc i.e. (ZD4SPG00)

Atlantic 500cc

Atlantic Arrecife 125cc

Atlantic Arrecife 250cc (Piaggio M237M)

Atlantic Arrecife 400cc Sprint (Piaggio M348M)

Atlantic Arrecife 400cc i.e. Sprint (after 2005) (ZD4VLB)

Atlantic Arrecife 500cc Sprint (Piaggio M273M)

Atlantic Arrecife 500cc i.e. Sprint (after 2005) (ZD4VL)

Habana 125cc 4-stroke

Leonardo 125cc 4-stroke LC

Leonardo 150cc 4-stroke LC

Leonardo 250cc 4-stroke LC

Leonardo 300cc 4-stroke LC

MOJITO 125 4-stroke before 2003

Mojito 125cc 4 stroke 2003 - 2007

SR 125cc 2-stroke

SR 150cc 2-stroke

SR Max 125cc i.e.

SR Max 300cc i.e.

SR Motard 125cc

SRV 850cc

Scarabeo 100cc (2-stroke)

Scarabeo 100cc (4-stroke)

Scarabeo 125cc (Piaggio)

Scarabeo 125cc (Rotax)

Scarabeo 125cc euro3 (Aprilia BA03)

Scarabeo 150cc (Rotax)

Scarabeo 200cc ( CA03) euro 3

Scarabeo 200cc (Rotax)

Scarabeo 200cc euro3 (Aprilia CA03)

Scarabeo 250cc (Piaggio M285M)

Scarabeo 250cc i.e. Light (after 2007)

Scarabeo 300cc i.e. (after 2009)

Scarabeo 400cc i.e. (after 2007)

Scarabeo 500cc

Scarabeo 500cc i.e. (until 2006)

Scarabeo 500cc i.e. Light 2007

Sportcity 125cc (PIAGGIO M281M)

Sportcity 200cc euro3 (PIAGGIO M288M)

Sportcity 250cc i.e. euro3 (PIAGGIO M288M)

Sportcity CUBE 125cc

Sportcity CUBE 250 i.e. (as from 2007) ZD4VBH

Sportcity CUBE 300cc i.e. (ZD4VBH)

Sportcity ONE 125cc (LEADER M38AM)

Sportcity Street 300 i.e. (as from 2012) ZD4VBR


C1 125cc

C1 200cc

C 600cc Sport

C 650cc GT


BT125T-2A 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-2B2 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3A2 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3A4 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3B6 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-8A 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-8B 125cc 4-sroke

BT125T-12C1 4-stroke B010

BT125T 125cc 4 stroke

BT150T 150cc 4 stroke

Falcon 150cc 4 stroke [BT150T-7C]

Rocky 125cc 4-stroke (BT125T-12E1)

Tanco 125cc 4-stroke (BT125T-12F1)


Adiva 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Adiva 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Adiva 250cc 4-stroke LC (Euro2)

Caffe Nero 250cc

K2 100cc 2-stroke

Naked 100cc 2-stroke

Velvet 125cc 4-stroke LC

Velvet 150cc 4-stroke LC

Velvet 250cc 4-stroke LC

Velvet Dusk 400cc 4-stroke LC


Adventure 125cc 4-stroke

Retro 125cc 4-stroke


YY100T 100cc 4 stroke

YY125T 125cc 4-stroke

YY150T 150cc 4-stroke

YY250T 250cc 4-stroke

YY300T 300cc 4-stroke


EIKON 125 4-stroke LC

EIKON 150 4-stroke LC

Velvet Dusk 400cc

CF Moto

E-Charm 125cc 4-stroke LC (CF125T)

E-Charm 125cc i.e. 4-stroke (CF125T-21i)

E-Charm 150cc 4-stroke (CF150T)

E-Charm 150cc i.e. 4-stroke (CF150T-5i)

Glory 125cc i.e. 4-stroke (CF125T-22A)

Glory 150cc i.e. 4-stroke (CF150T-6A)

Jetmax 250cc i.e. (CF250T-6A)


Aragon 125cc

Bravo 125cc

GTR 150cc

GTR 180cc

GTR 250cc i.e.

GTR 300cc i.e.

Oliver 125cc

Vogue 125cc i.e. 4-stroke

Vogue 150cc 4-stroke

X-Large 125cc 4-stroke

X-Large 250cc i.e. AC 4-stroke

X-Large 300cc i.e. LC 4-stroke


B-Bone 125cc

Besbi 125cc

Delfino 125cc

Freewing 125cc

NSII 125cc

Otello 125cc

Otello 125cc i.e.

QL 125cc i.e. Steezer

S1 125cc

S2 125cc i.e.

S3 125cc i.e.

S300cc i.e.

Typhoon-X 125cc

U3 125cc

YC 125cc Aroma AC 4-stroke 2V


Boulevard 125cc 4-stroke (Leader)

Boulevard 150cc 4-stroke (Leader)

Boulevard 200cc 4-stroke (PIAGGIO M387M)

GP1 125cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2-3

GP1 250 i.e.4-stroke LC

GP1 250cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2-3

GP1 250cc i.e. 4 stroke LC euro3 2007

Rambla 125cc 4-stroke LC Euro3 (PIAGGIO M287M)

Rambla 250cc 4-stroke LC euro 3

Rambla 300cc i.e.

Variant Sport 125cc


Retro 125cc 4-stroke

Torino 150cc 4-stroke CF150T

Turista 300cc 4-stroke LC

Explorer (ATU)

Wallstreet 125cc 4-stroke LC

Flex Tech

Athena 125cc 4 stroke

Cavallino 125cc 4 stroke

Cruiser 125cc 4 stroke

Dolphin 125cc 4 stroke

Firenze 125cc 4 stroke

Piacenza 50cc 4 stroke

Piacenza 125cc 4 stroke

Retro Firenze 125cc 4 stroke

Speedmax 125cc 4 stroke

Topspeed 125cc 4 stroke

Fly Scooters

Cadenza 150cc 4-stroke

IL Bello 150cc 4-stroke

GT Union

Strada 125cc

Tempesta 125cc

Veloce 125cc


Capri 125cc 4 stroke

Flexi 125cc 4 stroke

Xò 125cc i.e. 4-stroke

Xò 150cc i.e. 4-stroke

Xò 200cc i.e. 4-stroke


Race 2 125cc 4-stroke

Sirion 125cc 4-stroke

SoHo 125cc 4-stroke

SoHo 150cc 4-stroke

Stroke 125cc 4-stroke

Vertigo 125cc 4-stroke

XOR 125cc 4-stroke

XOR F1 125cc 4 stroke

Zion 125cc 4-stroke

Zion 150cc 4-stroke


DNA 125cc 2-stroke

DNA 125cc 4-stroke LC

DNA 180cc 4-stroke LC

Fuoco 500cc i.e. LT 4V (ZAPM831)

Fuoco 500cc i.e. euro3 (ZAPM611)

GP 800cc 4-stroke LC Euro 3

Nexus 125cc (ZAPM355)

Nexus 125cc i.e. 4 stroke LC euro 3

Nexus 250cc i.e. 4 stroke LC euro 3

Nexus 300cc i.e. 4-stroke LC euro 3

Nexus 500cc 4-stroke LC

Nexus 500cc i.e. (after 2007) (ZAPM352)

Nexus 500cc i.e. (before 2006) (ZAPM351)

Runner FX 125cc 2-stroke LC

Runner FXR 180cc 2-stroke LC

Runner ST 125cc ST (after 2009)

Runner ST 200cc (after 2009)

Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke (after 2005)

Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke LC (before 2005)

Runner VXR 180cc 4-stroke LC

Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC after 2005

Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC before 2005

Typhoon 125cc 2-stroke

Typhoon X 125cc 2-stroke

Gorilla Motor Works

Black Jack II 150cc 4-stroke

V-150cc 4-stroke


Mirage 125cc

Vanguard 125cc

Virtuality 125cc


@ 125cc 4-stroke LC (NES)

@ 150cc 4-stroke LC (NES)

Aviator 100cc

Bali 100cc 2-stroke

CG 125cc 4-stroke

CG 150cc 4-stroke

CN 250cc 4-stroke LC

CN Helix 250cc

Dylan 125cc 4-stroke LC (SES)

Dylan 150cc 4-stroke LC (SES)

Foresight 250cc 4 stroke LC (1997-1999) (FES MF04)

Foresight 250cc 4-stroke LC (after 2000) (FES)

Forza-Jazz-Reflex 250cc 4 stroke LC 2005-07 (MF08)

Forza-Jazz-Reflex 250cc 4-Takt LC 2008- (MF10E)

Forza-Jazz-Reflex 250cc 4-stroke LC (NSS)

Forza 125cc 2015

Forza NSS 300cc ABS after 2013

Forza X 250cc 4 stroke 4V (as from 2008) MF10E

Forza X 250cc 4-stroke LC

Integra 700cc i.e. ABS 2012-13 (RC62)

Integra 750cc i.e. ABS 2014

Jazz 250cc LC - 4-stroke

Lead 100cc SCV100 2003-07 (JF11)

Lead 100cc SCV100 after 2008

Lead 110cc NHX110 (JF19)

Lead 125cc NH125 (JF01)

NSF 100cc 4-stroke (HR01E)

PCX 125cc i.e. after 2010 (JF17)

PCX 125cc i.e. eSP (2012-2014) JF47

PCX 125cc i.e. eSP (as from 2014) JF57

PCX 150cc i.e.

PS 125cc i.e. euro3

PS 150cc i.e. euro3

Pantheon 125cc 2-stroke LC (JF05)

Pantheon 125cc i.e. after 2003 (FES - JF12)

Pantheon 150cc 2-stroke LC

Pantheon 150cc i.e. after 2003 (FES - KF06)

Passion PES/PS 125cc i.e. after 2007 (JF17)

Passion PES/PS 150cc i.e. after 2007 (KF09)

Reflex 250cc LC - 4-stroke

S-Wing 125cc 4 temps LC euro3

S-Wing 150cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (KF06E)

SH / Scoopy 125cc 4-stroke LC

SH / Scoopy 150cc 4-stroke LC

SH 100cc 2-stroke

SH 125cc i.e. 4-stroke LC

SH 125cc i.e. ABS

SH 125cc i.e. ABS 2013- (JF41)

SH 125cc i.e. Mode 2014-

SH 125cc i.e. euro3 after 2009

SH 150cc i.e. 4-stroke LC

SH 150cc i.e. ABS

SH 150cc i.e. ABS 2013- (KF13)

SH 150i (2005-2012)

SH 300cc i.e. after 2007 (NF02E)

SJ Bali 100cc

SRX 90cc HF09

SW-T 400cc

SW-T 600cc

Silver Wing 400cc 4-stroke LC

Silver Wing 600cc 4-stroke LC

Vision 110cc after 2011 (NSC110 JF31)

Zoomer 250cc LC - 4-stroke


HT125T 125cc

HT150T 150cc

HT250T 250cc


College 125cc

Dragster 125cc 2-stroke LC

Dragster 180cc 2-stroke LC

Formula 125cc

Jet Set 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Jet Set 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Jupiter 125cc 4-stroke LC

Jupiter 150cc 4-stroke LC

Jupiter 250cc 4-stroke LC

Marco Polo 400cc

Millenium 100cc 2-stroke

Millenium 125cc 4-stroke LC

Millenium 150cc 4-stroke LC

Millenium 250cc 4-stroke LC

Torpedo 125cc 4-stroke

Torpedo 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Torpedo 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER)


Aquila 125cc [JSD125T-12]

Aquila 150cc [JSD150T-12]

BMS 125cc [JSD125T-3]

BMS 150cc [JSD150T-3]

Eagle 125cc [JSD125T-12]

Eagle 150cc 4-stroke

Europe Star 125cc [JSD125T-22]

Europe Star 150cc [JSD150T-22]

Europe Star 151 [JSD151T-22]

Europe Star 250cc [JSD250T-22]

F1 125cc [JSD125T-5A]

F1 150cc [JSD150T-5A]

F8 125cc [JSD125T-17B]

F8 150cc [JSD150T-17B]

Falcon 125cc [JSD125T-12]

Falcon 150cc [JSD150T-19]

Firefox 125cc [JSD125T-98]

Firefox 150cc [JSD150T-98]

Flagship 125cc [JSD125T-4A]

Flagship 150cc [JSD150T-4A]

Flagship S6 125cc [JSD125T-4A]

Flagship S6 150cc [JSD150T-4A]

Nabs 125cc [JSD125T-21]

New Princess 125cc [JSD125T-9B]

New Princess 150cc [JSD150T-9B]

New Sunny S1 125cc (JSD50QT-13)

Princess 125cc (JSD125T-9B)

Princess 150cc (JSD150T-9B)

R6 125cc (JSD125T-12)

R6 150cc (JSD150T-19)

Sunny S2 125cc [JSD50QT-13]

Sunny S5 125cc [JSD50QT-13]

Sunny S6 125cc [JSD50QT-13]

Sunny S 125cc (JSD125T)

Zero 125cc (JSD125T-1)

Zero 150cc (JSD150T-1)

Zeus B09 125cc [JSD125T-27]

Zeus B09 150cc [JSD150T-27]

Zeus B12 125cc [JSD125T-19D]

Zeus B12 150cc [JSD150T-27D]

Zeus B 125cc (JSD125T)

Zeus B 150cc (JSD150T)


150T-28 4 stroke

Delta 150cc 4-stroke

Epsilon 150cc 4-stroke (YY150T-12)

Master 300cc

YY150T 150cc 4-stroke


J300 i


Arn 125cc 4-stroke

F-Act 100cc

F-Act 125cc 4-stroke

F-Act 150cc 4-stroke

Focus 125cc 4-stroke

Hacker 125cc 4-stroke

Hurrican 90cc

Logik 125cc 4-stroke LC

Matrix 125cc 4-stroke

Matrix 150cc 4-stroke

Outlook 125cc 4-stroke AC

Outlook 125cc 4-stroke LC

Silver Blade 125cc 4-stroke

Zahara 125cc 4-stroke


Agility RS 125cc

Galactica 125cc DD

Hiker 2.0 125cc DD

Hiker 125cc

Insignio 2.0 125cc

Insignio 2.0 250cc

Insignio 125cc

Insignio 250cc

RMC D 125cc

RMC F 125cc


Agility 125cc 4-stroke euro3 (KN25)

Agility City+ 125cc 4 stroke

Agility City 125cc 4-stroke

Agility MMC 125cc 4-stroke

Agility One 125cc 4-stroke

Agility RS 125cc

Bet & Win 125cc 4-stroke LC

Bet & Win 150cc 4-stroke LC

Bet & Win 250cc 4-stroke LC

CK 125cc (RA25EH)

Dink - Grand Dink 125cc 4-stroke LC

Dink - Grand Dink 150cc 4-stroke LC

Dink 200cc 4-stroke LC (SH40A)

Dink 200cc i.e. 4-stroke LC (SJ40)

Dink 250cc 4-stroke (Bet & Win)

Dink Street 125cc 4-stroke LC

Dink Street 300cc

Downtown 125cc i.e. 4-stroke

Downtown 125cc i.e. ABS 4-stroke (SK25AC)

Downtown 300cc

Downtown 300cc i.e. ABS (SK60AF)

Downtown 350cc i.e. (SK64)

Grand Dink 250cc 4-stroke LC

Grand Dink 300cc i.e.

Grand Dink 300cc i.e. (SH60AA)

Hipster 125cc

Hipster 125cc 4 stroke (RJ25AA / RH25AA)

K-Xct 125cc i.e. SK25BA

K-Xct 300cc i.e. 4V

Like 125cc (KN25AA)

Meteorit Cruiser 125cc

Movie S 125cc i.e. 4-stroke (SR25BA)

Movie S 150cc i.e.

Movie XL 125cc 4-stroke

People 125cc 4-stroke

People 150cc 4-stroke

People 250cc 4 stroke

People 250cc 4-stroke (BC50AA)

People GT 125cc i.e.

People GT 200cc i.e. (BF40)

People GT 300cc i.e. (BF60)

People S 125cc Euro3 4-stroke (BA25BA)

People S 200cc i.e. 4-stroke (BA 40)

People S 250cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2

People S 250cc i.e.

People S 300cc i.e. euro3 (BB60)

Pulsar 125cc 4 stroke (RJ25CB)

Sector 125cc 4 stroke (RD25AB)

Sento 125cc 4-stroke

Spacer 125cc 4-stroke

Spacer 150cc 4-stroke

Stryker 125cc 4 stroke (DA25AA / DA25AB)

Super 8 125cc 4-stroke

Super 8 125cc Big Tyre (KL25SF)

Super Dink 125cc

Super Dink 300cc

Vivio 125cc 4-stroke

Vivio 150cc 4-stroke

Xciting 250cc 4-stroke LC euro2 (SA50AA)

Xciting 250cc i.e. (SB50AD)

Xciting 400cc i.e.

Xciting 500cc 4-stroke LC euro2 (SAA0)

Xciting 500cc i.e.

Xciting Evo 500cc i.e. (SBA0BB)

Xciting R 300cc ie (SB60AB)

Xciting R 500cc i.e. ABS

Yager / Spacer 125cc (10 Inch - SH25AA)

Yager / Spacer 125cc (12 inch - SH25BB)

Yager GT 125cc Euro 3 (SH25EA)

Yager GT 200cc i.e.

Yup 250cc 4-stroke LC (SH 50 D)

Zing 125cc 4 stroke (RF25AA)


Bella 125cc 4 stroke

Bella 150cc 4 stroke

Belladonna 125cc 4 stroke

Belladonna 150cc 4 stroke

DLX Deluxe 125cc 4 stroke

DLX Deluxe 150cc 4 stroke

Star 125cc 2-stroke

Star 125cc 4 stroke Automatica

Star 125cc 4-stroke

Star 150cc 4 stroke

Star 150cc 4 stroke Automatica

Star 200cc 4-stroke

Star Deluxe 150cc 4-stroke

Stella 125cc 4 stroke

Stella 150cc 4 stroke

Via Toscana 125cc 4 stroke

Via Toscana 150cc 4 stroke


Cabo 125cc 4-stroke

Cabo 150cc 4-stroke

Cali Classic 125cc 4-stroke

Cali Classic 150cc 4-stroke

GS-R 150cc 4-stroke

Havana Classic 125cc 4-stroke

Havana Classic 150cc 4-stroke

PSH 125cc 4-stroke

PSH 150cc 4-stroke

Phoenix 150cc 4-stroke

Venice 150cc 4-stroke (ZN150T-20)

Vintage 150cc 4-stroke


Elite 250cc 4 stroke

Matrix 125cc 4 stroke

Traveller 125cc (4 stroke)


Adventure 150cc 4-stroke (LB150T-12)

Allen 150cc 4-stroke (LB150T-19)

Prodigy 150cc 4-stroke (LB150T-19)

Voyager 150cc 4-stroke (LB150QT-2)


F1 150cc 4-stroke

LJ125T 125cc 4-stroke

LJ150T 150cc 4-stroke

Trevis 125cc 4-stroke


Booster 100cc 2-stroke

Cityliner 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Doodo 125cc 4-stroke LC

Doodo 150cc 4-stroke LC

Evolis 125cc

Evolis 125cc ABS

Evolis 250cc ABS

Evolis 300cc ABS

Evolis 400cc ABS

Flame-X 125cc

Flame-X 125cc i.e. (after 2010)

Flame 125cc 4-stroke

Flipper 125cc

Flipper 125cc (after2017)

Kilibre 300cc 4-stroke LC (H314E)

Nitro 100cc 2-stroke

Oceo 125cc

Ocito 125cc

Ovetto 100cc 2-stroke

Ovetto 100cc AC (after 1999) - 2-stroke

Ovetto 100cc AC (before 1999) 2-stroke

Skycruiser 125cc 4-stroke LC

Skycruiser 250cc 4 temps LC

Skyliner 125cc 4-stroke LC

Skyliner 150cc 4-stroke LC

Skyliner 250cc 4-stroke LC

Thunder 125cc 4-stroke LC

Thunder 150cc 4-stroke LC

Tryptik 125cc i.e.

Tryptik 125cc i.e. (after2017)

Tryptik 125cc i.e. ABS

Waap 125cc

X-Over 125cc i.e. 4V


Blog 125cc i.e.

Blog 160cc i.e.

Centro 125cc i.e. euro3 4-stroke LC

Centro 160cc i.e. euro3 4-stroke LC

Ciak 100cc 2-stroke

Ciak Master 125cc 4-stroke

Ciak Master 150cc 4-stroke

Ciak Master 200cc 4-stroke

Ciak Master 250cc 4-stroke

F12 Phantom 100cc 2-stroke

F18 Warrior 125cc 4-stroke LC

F18 Warrior 150cc 4-stroke LC

Madison 3 125cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Madison 3 250cc i.e. 4 stroke (Piaggio)

Madison 125cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha)

Madison 150cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha)

Madison 180cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Madison 200cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Madison 250 i.e. (Piaggio-engine)

Madison 250cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha)

Madison K 400cc 4-stroke LC

Madison RS 250cc i.e. 4 stroke (PIAGGIO M237M)

Password 250cc 4-stroke LC

Phantom Max 125cc 4-stroke LC (YAMAHA)

Phantom Max 200cc 4-stroke LC (PIAGGIO)

Phantom Max 250 i.e. (as from 2007)

Phantom Max 250cc 4-stroke LC (PIAGGIO M361M)

Spidermax GT 500cc LC (after 2005/2004) - 4-stroke

Spidermax GT 500cc LC (before 2005/2004) - 4-stroke

Spidermax GT 500cc i.e. LC


MSM-150 150cc

MSM250 250cc

SL150 150cc

Meteorit (ATU)

Cruiser 125cc

Moto Bi

BC One 125cc 4-stroke

Rimini 125cc

Moto Zeta

Rally 125cc 4-stroke


MF125QT 125cc 4-stroke

MF150QT 150cc 4-stroke


Storm 125cc 4-stroke


Retrosa 125cc 4-stroke


Gigant 125cc

Titano 125cc

MuZ / MZ

Moskito R 125cc 4-stroke

Nova Motors

City Star 125cc

Milano 125cc

Retro Cruiser 125cc


G-Max 125cc 4-stroke Carb.

G-Max 125cc i.e. LC

G-Max 150cc 4-stroke Carb.

G-Max 150cc i.e. LC

G-Max 220cc i.e. LC

J-Bubu 125cc i.e. euro3

Libra 125cc 4-stroke carb.

Libra 125cc i.e. euro3

Libra 150cc 4-stroke carb.

Libra 150cc i.e. euro3

Ligero 125cc 4 stroke AC

T-Rex 125cc 4-stroke AC carb.

T-Rex 150cc 4-stroke AC carb.

Tigra 125cc i.e. euro3

X-Hot 125cc 4-stroke AC carb.

X-Hot 125cc i.e. AC

X-Hot 150cc 4-stroke AC carb.

X-Hot 150cc i.e. AC


Corona 125cc 4-stroke

Sky 125cc 4-stroke


Citystar 125cc AC 4-stroke carb.

Citystar 125cc i.e. LC

Citystar 200cc i.e. euro3

Django 125cc 4-stroke carb.

Django 150cc 4-stroke carb.

Elyseo 100cc 2-stroke

Elyseo 100cc AC (before 1999) 2-stroke

Elyseo 100cc AC CAT (after 1999) 2-stroke

Elyseo 125-150cc LC 4-stroke

Elyseo 125cc 4-stroke LC

Elyseo 150cc 4-stroke LC

Elystar 125cc 4-stroke LC

Geopolis 125cc 4 temps LC (Supercharger)

Geopolis 125cc LC - 4-stroke

Geopolis 125cc i.e. 4-stroke euro3

Geopolis 250cc LC - 4-stroke

Geopolis 250cc i.e. 4-stroke euro3

Geopolis 300cc

Geopolis 300cc i.e.

Geopolis 400cc

Geopolis 400cc i.e. 4-stroke euro3

Geopolis 500cc 4-stroke LC

Geopolis 500cc i.e. Premium (VGAN2AFFA)

Hymotion3 125cc Supercharger

Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke LC

Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke LC (Supercharger)

Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Kisbee 100cc AC Carb.

LXR 125cc

LXR 200cc i.e.

Looxor 100cc 2-stroke

Looxor 125cc 4-stroke LC

Metropolis 400cc

Metropolis 400cc RS

SV 125 Geo

SV 250 4-stroke LC

Satelis 2 300cc i.e.

Satelis 2 400cc i.e. Premium VGAJ2AEAA

Satelis 2 RS 400cc i.e. VGAJ2AEAA

Satelis 125cc 4-stroke LC (Carb.)

Satelis 125cc 4-stroke LC euro 3 (FD6)

Satelis 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (Supercharger FD6S)

Satelis 250cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Satelis 400cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Satelis 500cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Speedfight 3 125cc AC Carb.

Speedfight 100cc 2-stroke (after 99)

Speedfight 100cc 2-stroke (before 1999)

Sum-up 125cc

Trekker 100cc 2-stroke

Trekker 100cc AC (before 09/1999) - 2-stroke

Trekker 100cc AC CAT - 2-stroke

Tweet 125cc

Tweet Evo 150cc AC Carb.

Vivacity 100cc 2-stroke

Vivacity 100cc AC (before 09/1999) - 2-stroke

Vivacity 100cc AC CAT - 2-stroke

X-Fight 100cc 2-stroke

X-Fight 100cc AC (before 09/1999) - 2-stroke

X-Fight 100cc AC CAT - 2-stroke


APE 501 187cc

APE 601V 218cc

APE TM 703 218cc

APE TM P602 218cc

Beverly 125cc 4-stroke LC

Beverly 125cc i.e. LC

Beverly 200cc 4-stroke LC

Beverly 250cc LC - 4-stroke

Beverly 250cc LC euro1-2 (2004-2007 ZAPM285)

Beverly 250cc i.e. 4-stroke euro 3 (ZAPM288)

Beverly 300cc i.e. 4-stroke euro 3 (ZAPM692)

Beverly 350cc i.e. Sport Touring 12-14 (ZAPM693)

Beverly 400cc i.e. euro 3 (ZAPM345M)

Beverly 500cc LC (after 05/2004) - 4-stroke

Beverly 500cc LC (before 04/2005) - 4-stroke

Beverly 500cc i.e. LC Euro 2-3

Beverly Cruiser 250cc i.e. LC 2007-08 (ZAPM288)

Beverly Cruiser 500cc i.e. LC 2008-12 (ZAPM345)

Carnaby 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (LEADER M28FM)

Carnaby 200cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (LEADER M601M)

Carnaby 250cc i.e. 4-stroke LC

Carnaby Cruiser 300cc i.e LC euro3

Fly 125cc 4-stroke euro2-3 (LEADER M422M)

Fly 125cc i.e. [3V LEM]

Fly 150cc 4-stroke euro2-3 (LEADER M422M)

Free 100cc 4-stroke

Hexagon 125cc 2-stroke LC

Hexagon 150cc 2-stroke LC

Hexagon 250cc 4-stroke LC

Hexagon LX4 125cc 4-stroke LC

Hexagon LX 125cc 2-stroke LC

Hexagon LXT 180cc 2-stroke LC

Liberty - LE 125cc 4-stroke euro1-2 (LEADER)

Liberty - LE 150cc 4-stroke euro1-2 (LEADER)

Liberty - S 200cc 4-stroke euro3 (LEADER)

Liberty 100cc 4-stroke

Liberty 125-150cc AC (LEADER) 4-stroke

Liberty 125cc 4-stroke

Liberty 125cc i.e. [3V LEM M737M]

Liberty 150cc i.e. [3V LEM M737M]

Liberty 200cc AC - 4-stroke

Liberty S 125cc 4-stroke euro3 (LEADER M381M)

MP3 125cc

MP3 250cc LT

MP3 250cc i.e. LT ZAPM641

MP3 250cc i.e. ZAPM472

MP3 300cc i.e. LT ZAPM641

MP3 300cc i.e. Yourban ERL ZAPM712

MP3 300cc i.e. Yourban LT ERL 2011-12 ZAPM751

MP3 300cc i.e. ZAPM633

MP3 400cc LT

MP3 400cc i.e. ZAPM591

MP3 500cc LT

MP3 500cc LT as from 2014 (ZAPM861)

MP3 Business LT 300cc i.e. ABS/ASR

MP3 Business LT 500cc i.e. ABS/ASR

MP3 Hybrid 300cc

MP3 Hybrid LT 300cc i.e. ZAPM721

MP3 Sport LT 300cc i.e.

MP3 Sport LT 500cc i.e. ABS/ASR

MP3 Yourban 125cc i.e.

MP3 Yourban LT 300cc i.e.

MP3 Yourban Sport LT 300cc i.e.

Medley 125cc i.e. 4 stroke Euro 4

Medley 150cc i.e. 4 Stroke Euro 4

SKR 125-150cc AC - 2-stroke

SKR LX 125cc AC - 2-stroke

SKR LXT 150cc AC - 2-stroke

Sfera 75cc 2-stroke

Skipper 125cc 2-stroke

Skipper 150cc 2-stroke

Skipper LX 125cc 2-stroke

Skipper LXT 150cc 2-stroke

Skipper ST 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Skipper ST 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER)

Super Hexagon GTX 125cc 4-stroke LC

Super Hexagon GTX 180cc 4-stroke LC

Typhoon (TPH) 125cc 4-stroke

Typhoon (TPH) 125cc AC (before 1998) - 2-stroke

Typhoon X (TPH) 125cc AC - 2-stroke

X7 125cc i.e. euro3 (LEADER)

X7 250cc i.e. euro3 (QUASAR M622M)

X7 300cc i.e. euro3 (QUASAR)

X8 125cc LC - 4-stroke

X8 125cc i.e. euro2-3 (LEADER)

X8 200cc 4-stroke LC

X8 250cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2

X8 250cc 4-stroke LC euro3

X8 250cc i.e. euro3 (QUASAR)

X8 400cc i.e. euro 3 (MASTER)

X9 125cc 4-stroke LC

X9 180cc 4-stroke LC AMALFI

X9 200cc 4-stroke LC

X9 250cc 4-stroke LC (HONDA)

X9 Evolution - Street 500 4-stroke (ZAPM270)

X9 Evolution 250cc 4-stroke LC (M237M)

X9 Evolution 500cc i.e. (after 05/2005)

X9 Evolution 500cc i.e. (before 05/2005)

X9 Evolution 500cc i.e. ABS (ZAPM270)

X10 125cc

X10 125cc i.e.

X10 300cc i.e.

X10 350cc

X10 350cc i.e. Executive

X10 500cci.e.

X10 500cc i.e. Executive ZAPM763

XEvo 125cc

XEvo 250cc i.e. euro3 (QUASAR)

XEvo 400cc i.e. euro3 (M521M)

Zip 100cc 4-stroke

Zip 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER)


Amstar 150cc 4-stroke

Apache 250cc

Apollo 250cc

Eagle 150cc

Envy 150cc

Falcon 150cc 4-stroke (ZN150T-18)

Free Bird 150cc

Jakester 150cc

Juliet 150cc 4-stroke

Road Star 150cc

Rocky 150cc

Romeo 150cc 4-stroke

Songbird 150cc

Speedo 150cc

Valentine 150cc


Pegasus 150cc 4-stroke (CF150T)

Rave 150cc

Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)

Grampus 250cc (QM250T)

Leopard 125cc (QM125T-8G)

QM125T 125cc 4-stroke

QM250QT 250cc 4-stroke

Sum-Up 125cc (QM125T-10H(G))

Variant 125cc (QM125T-10R)

REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke)

Imola 125cc

Milano 125cc

Monaco 125cc

RS 125cc 4-stroke (QM125T-10D)

RS 125cc 4-stroke (QM125T-10H)

RS 1000 125cc 4-stroke

RS 1100 125cc 4-stroke

SC 125cc 4-stroke QM125T-10A(A)

Speedy 125cc 4-stroke (QM125T-10A)

Torino 125cc

RS Ultima

Roadrunner 125cc

Super Sonic 125cc

Techno Classic Edition 125cc

Virtuality 125cc


FULLTIME 125 4-stroke (LEADER)


Cityline 125cc i.e. 4 stroke LC


Phoenix 125cc

Phoenix II 125cc


Bali 150cc 4-stroke (MC-13)

Capri 150cc 4-stroke (MC-16)

MC 150cc 4-stroke

MC 250cc

SYM (Sanyang)

Allo 125cc (after 2011) (AJ12W1-6)

Cinderella 100cc 2-stroke

Citycom 125cc (LG12W-6)

Citycom 150cc (as from 2009)

Citycom 300cc i.e. (LH30W)

ComBiz 125cc (as from 2012)

Duke 125cc

Duke 150cc

Euro MX 125cc 4-stroke

Fiddle 2 125cc after 2010 (AW12W-T)

GTS 125 4-stroke LC Euro 3

GTS 250cc i.e.

GTS 300cc i.e.

GTS Joymax 250cc i.e. (HMA-1)

Joyride 150cc 4-stroke LC

Joyride Evo 125cc i.e.

Joyride Evo 250cc i.e.

Super Duke 125cc (A125Q2)

Super Duke 150cc 4-stroke LC


Bee 125cc

Eagle 125cc

Futuro 125cc

Husky 125cc

Quattroce 400cc


Augusta 300cc

Hope 150cc 4-stroke

Manhattan 200cc

Newport 150cc 4-stroke

Valo 150cc 4-stroke


Explorer 150cc 4-stroke

Grizzy 125cc 4-stroke

MaxX 125cc 4-stroke


SL150-6 150cc 4-stroke

SL150-18B 150cc 4-stroke

SL250-22 250cc 4-stroke


AN 125cc 4-stroke

AN 150cc 4-stroke

Address 100cc 2-stroke

Address 125cc 4-stroke after 2007

Burgman 125cc UH Carb.

Burgman 125cc i.e. UH K7 (F490) euro 3

Burgman 150cc UH Carb.

Burgman 200cc UH Carb.

Burgman 200cc i.e. UH euro 3

Burgman 250cc AN

Burgman 250cc i.e. (Bj. 2003-2006)

Burgman 250cc i.e. AN (2003-06)

Burgman 400cc AN carb. until 2003

Burgman 400cc i.e. AN K7 after 2007

Burgman 400cc i.e. AN K429 2003-2006

Burgman 650cc i.e. AN

Epicuro 125cc 4-stroke LC

Epicuro 150cc 4-stroke LC

Gemma 250cc

Sixteen 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (F499)

Sixteen 150cc 4-stroke LC euro3

UE 125cc 4-stroke

UE 150cc 4-stroke


Volare 150cc 4-stroke

X-Motion 125cc 4-stroke LC


Baja 150cc 4 stroke

DR150 150cc 4-stroke

GS 150cc 4-stroke

Low Boy 150cc 4-stroke

Milano 150cc 4-stroke

TS250 250cc 4-stroke

Verona 150cc 4-stroke (CF150T)

Volare 150cc 4 stroke (CF150T)


Classic 150cc 4-stroke

Courier 150cc 4-stroke

Movida 125cc 4-stroke

Racer 150cc 4-stroke

Sporty 150cc 4-stroke

TR16 150cc 4-stroke

Touring 150cc 4-stroke

Touring 250cc 4-stroke

Touring DE 250cc

Viaggio 150cc 4-stroke


Avenida 125cc 4-stroke

Capri 125cc 4-stroke

Cubana 125cc 4-stroke

Fiera 125cc 4-stroke

Mambo 125cc 4-stroke

Rumba 125cc 4-stroke

Strada 125cc 4-stroke


Logik 125cc 4-stroke

Zahara 125cc 4-stroke


Hot Road 150cc 2-stroke

Phantom 150cc 4-stroke


946 125cc 4T AC 3V i.e. ZAPM80100

ET4 125cc 4T AC 96 - 99 ZAPM04000

ET4 125cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000

ET4 150cc 4-stroke AC 96 - 99 ZAPM04000

ET4 150cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000

GT 60° 250cc 4T LC i.e. after 06 ZAPM45102

GT 125cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31100

GT 125cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31100

GT 200cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31200

GT L 125cc 4T LC ZAPM31101

GT L 200cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31200

GTS 125cc 4-stroke LC 07 - 12 ZAPM31300

GTS 250cc 4T LC i.e. 05 - 13 ZAPM45100

GTS 300cc 4T LC i.e. 12 - 13 ZAPM45200

GTS 300cc 4T LC i.e. after 14 ZAPM45202

GTS ABS 250cc 4T LC i.e. 05 - 09 ZAPM45101

GTS Super 125cc 4-stroke LC i.e. 09 - 13 ZAPM45300

GTS Super 125cc 4T LC i.e. after 14 ZAPM45301

GTS Super 300cc 4T LC i.e. 08 - 13 ZAPM45200

GTS Super 300cc 4T LC i.e. after 14 ZAPM45202

GTS Super Sport 125cc 4T LC i.e. 11 - 13 ZAPM45300

GTS Super Sport 300cc 4T LC i.e. 10 - 13 ZAPM4520

GTV 125cc 4-stroke LC after 06 ZAPM31301

GTV 250cc 4-stroke LC i.e. after 06 ZAPM45102

GTV 300cc 4-stroke LC i.e. after 10 ZAPM45200

LX 125cc 4-stroke AC i.e. 09 - 11 ZAPM68100

LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 08 ZAPM44300

LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44100

LX 125cc 4T AC i.e. after 12 ZAPM68300

LX 125cc i.e. 3V after 2013

LX 150cc 4 stroke AC i.e. as from 2010 ZAPM68100

LX 150cc 4-stroke AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44400

LX 150cc 4T AC after 06 ZAPM44200

LX 150cc 4T AC i.e. after 12 ZAPM68100

LX 150cc i.e. 3V after 2013

LXV 125cc 4-stroke AC i.e. after 11 ZAPM68102

LXV 125cc 4T AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44301

LXV 150cc 4 stroke AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44301

LXV 150cc 4 stroke AC i.e. as from 2010 ZAPM68100

Primavera 125cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 13 ZAPM811

Primavera 150cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 14 ZAPM81200

S 125cc 05-09 (Leader - M444M)

S 125cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 12 ZAPM68301

S 125cc 4T AC after 07 ZAPM44302

S 125cc 4T AC i.e. after 09 ZAPM68101

S 150cc 4T AC 08 - 09 ZAPM44402

S 150cc i.e. 3V as from 2012 (ZAPM683)

S 150cc i.e. 4 stroke AC 2008 - 09 ZAPM44402

Sprint 125cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 14 ZAPM81300

Sprint 150cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 14 ZAPM81800

Vespa Classic

125cc GT 1961 - 1962 (VNT)

125cc GT 1963 - 1964 (VNL1T)

125cc GT 1964 - 1973 (VNL2T)

125cc GTR 1968 - 1978 (VNL2T)

125cc L 1948 - 1950cc (V1T - V15T)

125cc L 1950cc - 1952 (V30T - V33T)

125cc L 1952 - 1953 (VM1T)

125cc L 1953 - 1954 (VM2T)

125cc L 1954 - 1955 (VN1T)

125cc L 1956 - 1957 (VN2T)

125cc L 1957 - 1958 (VNA1T)

125cc L 1958 - 1959 (VNA2T)

125cc L 1959 - 1961 (VNB1T)

125cc L 1961 - 1961 (VNB2T)

125cc L 1961 - 1962 (VNB3T)

125cc L 1962 - 1963 (VNB4T)

125cc L 1963 - 1964 (VNB5T)

125cc L 1964 - 1966 (VNB6T)

125cc Primavera 1967 - 1983 (VMA2T)

125cc Primavera ET3 1976 - 1983 (VMB1T)

125cc Primavera Nouva 1965 - 1967 (VMA1T)

125cc Super 1965 - 1969 (VNC1T)

125cc TS 1975 - 1978 (VNL3T)

150cc 1954 - 1955 (VL1T)

150cc 1955 - 1956 (VL2T)

150cc 1956 - 1957 (VL3T)

150cc 1957 - 1958 (VB1T)

150cc 1958 - 1960 (VBA1T)

150cc 1960 - 1962 (VBB1T)

150cc 1962 - 1967 (VBB2T)

150cc GL 1957 - 1958 (VGL1T)

150cc GL 1959 - 1961 (VGLA1T)

150cc GL 1961 - 1962 (VGLB1T)

150cc GL 1962 - 1965 (VLA1T)

150cc GS 1955 (VS1T)

150cc GS 1956 (VS2T)

150cc GS 1957 (VS3T)

150cc GS 1958 (VS4T)

150cc GS 1958 - 1961 (VS5T)

150cc Sprint 1965 - 1974 (VLB1T)

150cc Sprint Veloce 1969 - 1979 (VLB1T)

150cc Super 1965 - 1979 (VBC1T)

160cc GS 1962 - 1964 (VSB1T)

180cc SS 1964 - 1968 (VSC1T)

P125X 1977 - 1982 (VNX1T)

P150X 1978 - 1984 (VLX1T)

P 150cc S 1978 - 1984 (VBX1T)

PE 200cc 1977 - 1984 (VSX1T)

PK 125cc 1982 - 1984 (VMX1T)

PK 125cc N 1986 (VMX7T)

PK 125cc S 1982 - 1984 (VMX5T)

PK 125cc S Automatic 1984 (VAM1T)

PK 125cc S Elestart 1982 - 1984 (VMX5T)

PK 125cc S Elestart Automatic 1983 - 1984 (VAM1T)

PK 125cc XL 1986 (VMX6T)

PK 125cc XL Elestart 1986 (VMX6T)


PX 125cc E 1981 - 1985 (VNX2T)

PX 125cc E Arcobaleno Elestart 1984 (VNX2T)

PX 125cc TS 1985 (VNXST)

PX 150 E 1978 - 1984 (VLX1T)

PX 150cc Arcobaleno 1983 - 1984 (VLX1T)

PX Cosa 125cc CL (VNR1T)

PX Cosa 125cc CLX (VNR1T300)

PX Cosa 125cc CLX (VNR1T301)

PX Cosa 125cc E LUSSO 1984 - 1997 (VNX2T)

PX Cosa 125cc E LUSSO 1998 - 2000 (ZAPM09300)

PX Cosa 125cc E LUSSO 2001 - 2010 (ZAPM09302)

PX Cosa 125cc P X 1983 (VNX1T)

PX Cosa 150cc CL (VLR1T)

PX Cosa 150cc CLX (VLR1T300)

PX Cosa 150cc E 1981 - 1983 (VLX1T)

PX Cosa 150cc E LUSSO 1984 - 1997 (VLX1T)

PX Cosa 150cc E LUSSO 1998 - 2000 (ZAPM09400)

PX Cosa 150cc E LUSSO 2001 - 2010 (ZAPM09401)

PX Cosa 150cc FL (VLR2T)

PX Cosa 150cc P X 1980 (VLX1T)

PX Cosa 200cc CL (VSR1T)

PX Cosa 200cc CLX (VSR1T300)

PX Cosa 200cc FL (VSR1T301)

PX Cosa 200cc P E 1980 (VSX1T)

PX Cosa 200cc PX E 1981-1983 (VSX1T)

PX Cosa 200cc PX E LUSSO 1984 - 1997 (VSX1T)

PX Cosa 200cc PX E LUSSO 1998 (ZAPM18)

PXE 200cc 1977 - 1984 (VSX1T)

PXE 200cc Arcobaleno 1983 - 1984 (VSX1T)

PXE 200cc Arcobaleno Elestart 1984 (VSX1T)

Rally 180cc 1968 - 1973 (VSD1T)

Rally 200cc 1972 - 1979 (VSE1T)

Rally Sprint GT 125cc (VNL2T)

Rally Sprint GT 125cc Super (VNC1T)

Rally Sprint GT 125cc TS (VNL3T)

Rally Sprint GT 150cc (VLB1T)

Rally Sprint GT 150cc GL (VLA1T)

Rally Sprint GT 150cc SUPER (VBC1T)

Rally Sprint GT 150cc Veloce (VLB1T)

Rally Sprint GT 180cc (VSD1T)

Rally Sprint GT 200cc (VSE1T - DUCATI)

Rally Sprint GT 200cc (VSE1T - FEMSA)

Rally Sprint GTR 125cc (VLB2T)

T5 125cc (VNX5T)

T5 125cc Elestart 1986 (VNX5T)








VESPA PX (VLX2M) Euro 2 - 125

VESPA PX (VLX2M) Euro 2 - 150





VESPA T5 125

WT Motors

Atene 125cc 4-stroke

Atene 152cc 4-stroke

Bomber 125cc 4-stroke

Bomber 151cc 4-stroke

Jungle 125cc 4-stroke

Jungle 151cc 4-stroke

Miami 125cc 4-stroke

Miami 250cc

Miami Granvolume 250cc


Fabius 125cc [WY125-21]

Gland 125cc [WY125T-73]

Gland 150cc [WY150T-36]

Grace 125cc [WY125T-11]

Grace 150cc [WY150T-5]

Guiana 125cc [WY125T-75]

Guiana 150cc [WY150T-37]

Hawk 125cc [WY125T-61]

Leopard 125cc [WY125T-101]

Leopard 150cc [WY150T-56]

Mapel I 125cc [WY125T-30]

Mapel II 125cc [WY125T-30]

Mapel II 150cc [WY150T-41]

Miami 150cc [WY150T-57]

Orlando 125cc [WY125T-21]

Orlando 150cc [WY150T-20]

Paladin I 125cc [WY125T-23]

Paladin IV 125cc [WY125T-23]

Paladin IV 150cc [WY150T-3]

Paladin VI 125cc [WY125T-23]

Paladin VI 150cc [WY150T-3]

Paladin VII 125cc [WY125T-23]

Paladin VII 150cc [WY150T-3]

Paladin VIII 125cc [WY125T-23]

Paladin VIII 150cc [PWY150T-3]

Pizza 125cc [WY125T-65]

Pizza 150cc [WY150T-33]

Powermax 125cc [WY125T-20]

Princess 125cc [WY125T-84]

Princess 150cc [WY150T-84]

Purga 125cc [125T-23]

Purga 150cc [150T-3]

Skyhawk 125cc [WY125T-95]

Skyhawk 150cc [WY150T-3]

Tulanoo 125cc [WY125T-9]

Tulanoo 150cc [WY150T-16]

WY125T 125cc 4-stroke

WY125T 150cc 4-stroke


ITA-150cc 4-stroke


TXM125 125cc 4-stroke

TXM150 150cc 4-stroke

XL125TP 125cc 4 stroke

Xintian (Kinroad)

XT125QT 125cc 4-stroke

XT150QT 150cc 4-stroke


Aerox 100cc 2-stroke

BW's 100cc 2-stroke

BW's 125cc

Black X-Max 125cc

Black X-Max 250cc

Cygnus 125cc 4-stroke

Cygnus X 125cc 4-stroke 04-07

Cygnus X 125cc i.e. after 2008

D'elight 125cc

Majesty 125cc 4-stroke LC (YP125R)

Majesty 150cc 4-stroke LC

Majesty 180cc 4-stroke LC

Majesty 250cc 4-stroke LC (YP250)

Majesty 400cc 4-stroke Euro 3 after 2009 (H322E)

Majesty 400cc 4-stroke LC (H317E)

Maxster 125cc 4-stroke LC

Maxster 150cc 4-stroke LC

N-Max 125cc

Neo's 100cc 2-stroke

Neo's 100cc AC (after 1999) 2-stroke

Neo's 100cc AC (before 1999) - 2-stroke

T-Max 500cc

T-Max 500cc 4-stroke LC (after 2008)

T-Max 500cc i.e. 4 temps LC (5VU) after 2004

T-Max 530cc ie (2012 - 2016)

T-Max 530cc ie Euro 4 (after 2017)

Teo's 125cc 4-stroke LC

Teo's 150cc 4-stroke LC

Tricity 125cc i.e. (after 2017)

Tricity 125cc i.e. ABS

Versity 300cc 4-stroke LC XC (H314E)

Vino 125cc

Vity 125cc

Why 125cc

X-City 125cc i.e. euro3 (E3A5E)

X-City 250cc 4-stroke LC (G358E) Euro 3

X-Max 125cc 4-stroke LC

X-Max 250cc 4-stroke LC

X-Max 250cc i.e. euro3

X-Max 300cc i.e. euro3

X-Max 400cc i.e. euro3 (H330E)

Xenter 125cc i.e. 4 stroke

YZF-R 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3

Zuma 125cc


Fusion 250cc

HZM 150cc 4-stroke

HZM 250cc

HZMI 250cc

Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke


Aurora-2 125cc [ZN125T-E3]

Aurora 125cc [ZN125T-E]

Bobby 125cc [ZN125T-15C]

Bobby 150cc [ZN150T-5C]

Bomb 125cc [ZN125T-15A]

Bomb 150cc [ZN150T-5A]

Classic 150cc [ZN150T-E]

Conqueror 125cc [ZN125T-B]

Conqueror 150cc [ZN150T-B]

Conqueror 250cc [ZN250T-B]

Eyas 125cc [ZN125T-15D]

Eyas 150cc [ZN150T-5D]

F8 125cc [ZN125T-F]

F8 150cc [ZN150T-F]

F9 125cc ZN125T-36A

F35 150cc

Falcon 2 150cc [ZN150T-7A]

Falcon 3 125cc [ZN125T-7B]

Falcon 3 150cc [ZN150T-F]

Falcon 4 150cc [ZN150-7C]

Falcon 5 125cc [ZN125T-7D]

Falcon 5 150cc [ZN150T-7D]

Falcon 7 150cc ZN150T-7F

Falcon 8 150cc ZN150T-7G

Fly 125cc [ZN125T-20]

Honey 2 150cc ZN150T-51

King 150cc [ZN150T-9]

Legend 125cc ZN125T-E5

Miro 125cc ZN125T-23

R-X 150cc ZN150T-31A

RX 150cc ZN150T-31A

Roar 4 150cc ZN150T-39C

Roar 250cc [ZN250T-D]

Rocky 150cc ZN150T-24

Skylerk 150cc

T6 150cc ZN150T-57

Velocity 150cc ZN150T-42A

Venice 150cc [ZN150T-20]

Vista 150cc ZN150T-58

Wacky 125cc [ZN125T-15]

Wacky 150cc [ZN150T-5]

X6 150cc

X7 125cc

X7 150cc

ZN125T 125cc 4-stroke

ZN150T-18 150cc

ZN150T 150cc 4-stroke

ZN250T 250cc 4-stroke

Zoom 2 150cc [ZN150T-18A]

Zoom 125cc [ZN125T-18]

Zoom 150cc [ZN150T-18]


ZS125T 125cc 4-stroke

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