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Article no.: A332094

Brake Lever Set Aprilia SR Stealth carbon look


Brake Levers by TNT. Only for models with front + rear disc brake. Set of 2.

Carbon look.

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Notes and Safety

Brake Lever for Motorcycle, Scooter or Moped

Motorcycle, scooter or moped brake levers are an important part of the braking system. The brake lever is used to apply the brake to slow down or stop the vehicle.

Brake levers are usually mounted to the handlebars, within reach of the rider's fingers. They are designed to be easily accessible and easy to operate, allowing the rider to apply the force needed to brake safely.

How does a brake lever work?

When the brake lever is applied, it exerts hydraulic or mechanical pressure on the braking system. Newer vehicles have hydraulic brakes, which means that the pressure on the lever is transmitted from the brake fluid to the brake calipers via a hydraulic circuit. This allows for efficient transmission of braking force and better brake modulation.

It is important to regularly check the condition and function of the brake levers. Worn, damaged or improperly adjusted levers can affect the braking performance of the vehicle.

How to adjust the brake lever ?

The lever angle should be adjusted so that the fingers form a straight line with the arm when extended.
On some motorcycle models, this requires turning the entire handlebar; on others, only the lever adapter needs to be adjusted.

Technical details
Brake Lever Set Aprilia SR Stealth carbon look
Article no.A332094
Weight0,18 kg
BrandStandard Parts
Product typeBrake lever
Colour versionCarbon look
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