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Brake Pads Galfer semi-metallic Peugeot SV
Brake Pads Galfer semi-metallic Peugeot SVgls2251_01.jpg
Article no.: GLS2251

Brake Pads Galfer semi-metallic Peugeot SV

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Sintered metal brake pads for improved braking performance, ideally suited to handle high temperatures (from heavy brake use). Recommended for tuned / racing scooters.

Sintered metal.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Motorcycle and scooter brake pads

Motorcycle and scooter brake pads are essential components of the braking system and are responsible for safe riding. The brake pads are attached to the brake caliper on both sides of the brake disc. When you push the brake lever, the caliper presses the brake pads against the brake disc, creating friction that slows the rotation of the wheel.

Brake pad Linings

Brake pads are usually made of composite materials such as ceramics, sintered metal or organic friction materials (carbon fiber, Kevlar, resins). Each material has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance, durability and braking characteristics.

Brake maintenance

Brake pads wear out naturally over time. Their life depends on several factors, such as riding style, driving conditions and the type of brake pads. It is important to regularly check the thickness of the brake pad material and replace them when necessary. We recommend cleaning the brake system regularly with brake cleaner and checking the brake fluid level.

Changing brake pads

Changing the brake pads on motorcycles and scooters is not witchcraft and can be done by any experienced motorcyclist. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use brake pads that are compatible with the vehicle.

Technical details
Brake Pads Galfer semi-metallic Peugeot SV
Article no.GLS2251
Weight0,14 kg
Product typeBrake pads
Brake materialSemi-metal
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