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Article no.: M5911517

Camshaft Malossi Power Cam Yamaha Majesty / Xmax 250cc

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Malossi Camshaft "Power Cam" Yamaha Majesty / X-Max 250cc- the result of many years of experience and technical know-how, developed to add a sporty edge to your Yamaha.

CAD/CAM development, the use of extremely precise equipment for manufacturing and quality control with measuring instruments providing accuracy to one tenth of a micron - this is by all means a technological gem. Designed and manufactured to highlight the sporty side of your Yamaha and make it more zippy in the city and give it a higher average speed on longer trips. You'll see a noticeable increase in torque and acceleration; climbing hills is a breeze with this camshaft.

For Yamaha 250cc 4-stroke (type H314E.

Note: can only be used with Malossi cylinder (with Malossi piston).

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Camshaft and valve timing

The camshaft and valve timing are important components of 4-stroke engines. The camshafts allow the valves to open (i.e., to draw in the mixture and expel the gases) and are driven by the timing chain, which is in turn connected to the crankshaft.

Incorrect timing adjustment interferes with valve opening and can severely affect engine performance and reliability. Therefore, we recommend to intervene only with appropriate technical know-how.

Maintenance and tuning

Maintenance and care of the elements located in the cylinder head, including valve timing, is very important. Even though the timing chain generally has a fairly long life, it is still necessary to regularly check chain wear and wear of all related elements.

Camshafts must always be in perfect condition. You can also use tuning camshafts; the shape of the cams is revised to increase the valve opening times and thus provide more power.

Technical details
Camshaft Malossi Power Cam Yamaha Majesty / Xmax 250cc
Article no.M5911517
Weight0,51 kg
Product typeCamshaft & Timing
Conrod lengthStandard
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