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Chain Moto Master GP-520 GOLD 120 links (clip links)
Moto Master
Article no.: MMAST-12200451

Chain Moto Master GP-520 GOLD 120 links (clip links)

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Drive Chain Moto Master 520 GP.

  • Lightweight, extremely resistant racing chain
  • Designed for the toughest conditions in professional motocross racing
  • Pins are hard chromed which significantly increases lifespan in wet and muddy conditions
Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Drive chain

Engine power to the rear wheel is transferred by the chain that connects the front sprocket with the rear sprocket. This chain consists of interconnected metal links, which are connected with a chain master link. The tension of the chain is regulated and maintained by chain tensioners.

Choosing the right chain

Choosing the right drive chain is crucial for power transmission. You have to consider the number of chain links and the chain pitch or chain type: 415, 420, 428, 520 ...etc.

chain care

Regular maintenance of the chain is important to prolong its life and maintain optimal performance. It is recommended to clean and lubricate the chain on a regular basis so that it maintains full performance. The frequency of maintenance depends on the type of motorcycle and, of course, how often you ride, but it is recommended to lubricate the chain after two races on a dirt bike and every 1000 km on a road bike.

Technical details
Chain Moto Master GP-520 GOLD 120 links (clip links)
Article no.MMAST-12200451
Weight1,92 kg
BrandMoto Master
Product typeChain
Chain type520
Chain links120
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