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Clutch Discs Newfren Yamaha PW80
Article no.: CGN500651

Clutch Discs Newfren Yamaha PW80

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Clutch discs Newfren Yamaha PW80, replacement for the original discs. These clutch discs are the perfect replacement for damaged or simply worn out original discs.

Note for use: soak the clutch discs in an oil bath for several hours before mounting.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Clutch discs

A motorcycle clutch is typically a multi-plate clutch, the clutch discs or plates play a crucial role in the clutch engagement.

Clutch lining

The friction lining of the clutch discs or friction plates is made of special composite materials such as sintered metal or aramid fibers. The lining is resistant to heat and wear and ensures optimum adhesion.

Clutch Design and function

A motorcycle clutch is made up of several clutch components: Friction discs with lining, plain metal discs, clutch inner hub, clutch basket, pressure plate, release lever, push rod, clutch springs and clutch lever. When the clutch lever is pressed, the clutch springs release the pressure on the clutch discs. This releases the clutch, making shifting easier and protecting the transmission against damage.

Many multi-plate clutches are "wet" oil bath clutches, with 2-stroke gear oil or 4-stroke oil providing lubrication for all components. In addition, the oil dissipates the heat generated by friction to reduce premature wear of the linings.

If the clutch starts to slip, this may indicate that the clutch plates are worn and should be replaced.

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Clutch Discs Newfren Yamaha PW80
Article no.CGN500651
Weight0,18 kg
Product typeClutch discs
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