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Article no.: M619535

Drive Belt X-K Malossi Piaggio Typhoon / Aprilia SR Motard

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HQ Polyamid-reinforced drive belt by Malossi. Ideally suited for racing set ups.

These hard-wearing belts with trapezoidal profile ensure excellent and reliable power transmission. Design and material composition (Polyamide, Chloroprene, Polyamid) prevent slippage and make for extremely long belt life.

  • dimensions: 18.5 x 8 x 830mm
  • angle: 30° 

Note: Only for Piaggio / Gilera (long, big wheel, after 2000).

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Malossi MHR

The MHR series from Malossi is generally available in 3 categories for the most popular models:

The 3 model series differ in terms of performance and competitiveness. The MHR Team series includes the top-of-the-line  models with outstanding performance for racing. The MHR Racing is in the middle, and the MHR Replica adopts the basic features of the higher versions, with the emphasis on reliability for everyday use rather than maximum performance for the race track.

Malossi X-K Belt

The X-K Belt series from Malossi mainly comprises drive belts for scooters and maxi scooters. These high-quality V-belts are designed for high-displacement and high-performance engines.
Thanks to the use of resistant materials such as polyamide, chloroprene and Kevlar®, the belts are very strongly reinforced and durable. The design is designed for maximum strength and grip.

We have listed the exact dimensions of each belt in our store so that you can always find exactly the right V-belt.

When to change the V-belt?

On scooters, the engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel via the V-belt or drive belt, which connects the CVT variator to the torque drive. As a rule, it should be replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 km. The belt slips when it is heavily worn. By the way, a new belt also slips and needs a short run-in period.

How to change the drive belt?

Replacing the V-belt is a relatively easy, you don't need advanced technical know-how. The first step is to remove the variator cover to get to the variator. You'll need a piston stopper and a blocking tool to remove the CVT and clutch bell. You can then remove the worn V-belt and replace it with the new one. When reassembling, make sure that the V-belt is properly seated and has the correct tension.

Here's a little tutorial on How to change the CVT and drive belt (English Subs).

Technical details
Drive Belt X-K Malossi Piaggio Typhoon / Aprilia SR Motard
Article no.M619535
Weight0,18 kg
SeriesMHR, X-K Belt
Product typeV-belt
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