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50cc Bike
Article no.: M029441.B0

Intake Manifold Malossi MHR straight + short Piaggio / Gilera 125 - 180cc

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The length of an intake manifold is pretty important when it comes to choosing the proper one. This intake manifold by Malossi is straight and very short, improving flow and cylinder filling which in turn has a positive effect on performance.
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Intake manifold for scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds

The intake manifold is an essential part of the intake system, it directs the air-fuel mixture to the cylinder. Here are the main types of intake manifolds:

Intake manifold with rubber flange

Intake manifolds with flexible intake rubber are the most common type. Flexible materials such as rubber or silicone absors the vibrations of the engine. This flexibility reduces the risk of cracks or leaks. In addition, the flexible mounting makes it easy to adapt the intake manifold to different engine setups.

Intake manifold with metal flange

These rigid-mount intake manifolds are more commonly used on vintage scooters, classic motorcycles or old mopeds. The intake flange is usually made of metal, which provides greater strength and resistance to deformation. Rigidmetal flange assembly also ensures more precise alignment between intake manifold and carburetor.

Swivel intake manifold

Rotatable intake manifolds are commonly used on 50cc motorcycles. They offer greater flexibility in installation, allowing to align the carburetor to meet individual needs.

Note: The diameter of the intake manifold must fit the intake manifold connection width of the carburetor!

Technical details
Intake Manifold Malossi MHR straight + short Piaggio / Gilera 125 - 180cc
Article no.M029441.B0
Weight0,10 kg
Product typeIntake manifold
Carburator typeDell'Orto, PWK
Diameter carburetor21mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 28mm
Intake materialViton
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