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50cc Bike
Article no.: P200.0260

Polini Exhaust "Evolution" street-legal Derbi Senda / DRD after 2000 (underseat exhaust)

Sorry, this Item has been Discontinued

This product is no longer being manufactured, so unfortunately we can no longer offer it.

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Polini's top-of-the-line exhaust for the road - the Polini Exhaust Evolution Derbi Senda / DRD after 2000 (low mount), available at Maxiscoot for a very good price. An exhaust mostly aimed at 50cc and 70cc sports or racing engines.

The expansion chamber is made of thin sheet metal (rolled and welded) and comes with an aluminium silencer that, as a special feature, is located under the seat (note: the mudguard/tail light unit has to be removed or relocated!)

To get the most out of it, you should combine it with a 17.5mm carburetor or, even better, a 19-21mm carburetor.

It is street-legal.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Exhaust scooter, moped, motorcycle

The exhaust has a major influence on the performance of scooters and mopeds. By replacing the original with a tuning exhaust, you can improve the gas flow and increase the engine power.

exhaust parts

  • The headpipe or header is the connection between cylinder and exhaust, and an exhaust gasket provides the necessary seal. In street-legal systems, the headpipe is equipped with a legally required restriction. Some people remove this restrictor to increase power.
  • The actual exhaust body or expansion chamber is connected to the header pipe. In a classic 2-stroke expansion chamber type exhaust, gas pressure waves are used to improve engine performance.
  • At the end there us the silencer or muffler that discharges the exhaust gases and, with the help of damping wool, also reduces the noise generated by the vehicle.

Replacing the exhaust

For 2-stroke engines, various settings and components usually need to be adjusted when the original exhaust is replaced with a tuning version. These changes include:

Tuning Level: Racing

We categorize our products into different performance levels  Original, Sport, Racing and High End , so that our customers can choose the right parts for their setup. It is really important to combine parts that belong to the same tuning level, this is especially true for cylinders, crankshafts and exhausts.

Racing products are designed for a more extreme uses and are developed primarily for racing. Whether you stay at 50cc or increase the displacement, the corresponding Racing parts produce much higher performance than the original parts in order to achieve maximum power.

Technical details
Polini Exhaust "Evolution" street-legal Derbi Senda / DRD after 2000 (underseat exhaust)
Article no.P200.0260
Weight2,97 kg
Product typeExhaust
Tuning levelRacing
Exhaust mountUnderseat
Customer reviews
3 Ratings
bon produit
Exelente qualite
derbi 80 polini
tres bon pot
tres bon pot je l ai sur ma derbi avec le kit 80 polini sport fonte et un carbu de 26 stage 6 c est une tuerie je le conseille a tout le monde
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