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50cc Bike
Article no.: M5211553

Racing Clutch Malossi MHR Maxi Delta Honda Pantheon 125cc / 150cc

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This product is no longer being manufactured, so unfortunately we can no longer offer it.

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Malossi MHR Clutch "Delta" Honda Pantheon 125cc / 150cc, top quality racing clutch for maxi scooters by Malossi.

It has multiple settings to adjust spring preload to suit your personal preferences. By operating the 3 screws you can get 9 different settings, additionally changing and adjusting springs and weights will bring this up to 27 (!) different settings. The asbestos-free linings are reinforced and will last you a long time.

This clutch will noticeably increase engine response, off-the-line and overall acceleration. Just try different settings to find the setting that suits your driving style best.

Adding the accessories available for the Delta clutch will result in an untoppable racing clutch, but even with a stock engine, there are lots of options for fine-tuning throughout the entire rpm range.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Malossi Delta Clutch

The Delta Clutch from Malossi is the high-end clutch for 50cc scooters from Malossi.

The clutch is reinforced to withstand the power increase of tuned engines and it has a spring tension adjustment system that allows for fine-tuning clutch shoe engagement.

Scooter clutch

The clutch is essential for the smooth operation of the scooter's automatic CVT. It ensures that the engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel in a continuous and controlled manner.

How Does a scooter clutch work?

The clutch and clutch bell of the centrifugal clutch on scooters form a single unit. The clutch bell is attached to the input shaft of the engine. When the engine reaches a certain speed, the clutch shoes with linings are pulled outward by centrifugal force. Clutch and bell come into contact, they engage so power can be transmitted from the engine to the rear wheel.

How to adjust a Scooter clutch?

Scooters are centrifugal clutches, with increasing RPMs the centrifugal force leads to clutch engagement. The clutch springs play an important role in this process as they affect the engine speed at which the clutch engages, i.e. makes contact with the bell.

The clutch engages at a lower engine speed with soft springs, while hard springs delay clutch engagement. It is important to find the optimum compromise in terms of setup and intended use.

More precise settings can be done with an adjustable clutch, where the tension of the clutch springs can be adjusted.

We carry a wide range of special tools for hassle-free assembly and disassembly of clutch and transmission parts.

How to replace a scooter clutch?

Technical details
Racing Clutch Malossi MHR Maxi Delta Honda Pantheon 125cc / 150cc
Article no.M5211553
Weight0,80 kg
SeriesDelta Clutch
Product typeClutch
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