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Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)
Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)
Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)
Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)
Article no.: LM7080526

Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)

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Choosing the right spark plug is really important on 2-stroke scooters. That's why we carry a wide range of spark plugs.

There are basically 2 main criteria for deciding which spark plug is the right one for your engine:

- short thread (H) or long thread (E)
- heat range

If you need a long or a short thread spark plug depends on the type of cylinder head your have.

Which heat range to choose depends on the type of engine and ignition you have. With NGK spark plugs, the higher the number, the colder the spark plug.

- original cast iron cylinders => B7 or B8 (B8 for warmer climates)
- 50cc and 70cc cast iron sports cylinders => B8 or B9 (B9 for warmer climates)
- 50cc and 70cc aluminium sports and racing cylinders => B9
- engines with internal rotor ignition => add 1 to above numbers (ex.: 70cc aluminium racing + internal rotor ignition = B10)
- 70cc and more high-end racing/Hyper Racing engines => B10

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Spark plug function

Spark plugs play an very important role in the performance of your engine, whether on a scooter, moped or motorcycle. It generates the spark necessary for igniting the air-fuel mixture and provides information about the carburetor settings. If the spark plug is defective, the engine jerks and may start sluggishly or not at all.

Reach and heat value

There are spark plugs with a short thread or reach (marked "H") and spark plugs with a long thread (marked "E"). Spark plugs have a specific heat value, where cold spark plugs with a high number are more suitable for high performance engines, while hot spark plugs with a low number are more suitable for original engines.

For optimum performance and reliability, it's important to choose the right spark plug for your setup and make sure the spark plug cap is working properly.

How to change the spark plug

Technical details
Spark Plug NGK B9ES (2611)
Article no.LM7080526
Weight0,06 kg
Product typeSpark plug
ThreadM14 long
Heat indexB9ES
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