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Stud Bolts for cylinder adapter plate Stage6 R/T 70cc / 95cc
Stage6 R/T
Article no.: S6-75ET27

Stud Bolts for cylinder adapter plate Stage6 R/T 70cc / 95cc

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Stage6 R/T Stud Bolts for mounting Stage6 R/T cylinders onto cylinder spacers;for Stage6 R/T 70cc, R/T Big Bore 95cc cylinders Piaggio / Minarelli.
Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Stud bolts

In simple terms, a stud bolt is a type of bolt with a thread on both ends. One thread is screwed into e.g. the housing, the other thread is used to fasten another component.

There are many bolts and studs with many different functions in an engine. Studs are screwed into a cast piece and another part is attached to it by securing it with a nut.

Useful note: It is advisable not to use threadlocker. To install studs, the "nut / locknut" method must be used (a nut locked against another nut allows the stud to be pulled into the desired part).
If you have the manufacturer's information, you can tighten the studs to the recommended torque.

Stud Bolts in our store:

In our store you will find mainly cylinder studs and exhaust studs for scooters, 50cc motorcycles and motocross machines.
Make sure you choose the right stud bolts for your vehicle by selecting the right model in the configurator or by measuring the pitch and length of the studs.

Tuning Level: High End racing

We categorize our products into different performance levels  Original, Sport, Racing and High End , so that our customers can choose the right parts for their setup. It is really important to combine parts that belong to the same tuning level, this is especially true for cylinders, crankshafts and exhausts.

High End Racing products are exclusively designed for racing and should only be handled by tuning pros with the appropriate technical know-how. High-end racing parts often require modifications or machining of certain elements to accommodate the often larger components (larger crank webs, larger intake, etc.). Whether you stick with 50cc or increase the displacement, high-end racing parts offer much higher performance than the original parts and are the most powerful tuning parts.

Note: To ensure the reliability of the engine, it is important that the parts are compatible and that you do regular maintenance on your two-wheeler.

    Technical details
    Stud Bolts for cylinder adapter plate Stage6 R/T 70cc / 95cc
    Article no.S6-75ET27
    Weight0,04 kg
    BrandStage6 R/T
    Product typeStud bolt
    Tuning levelHigh-end
    Conrod lengthStandard
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