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Throttle cable Yamaha PW 50
Throttle Cable Yamaha PW50
Throttle cable Yamaha PW 50Throttle Cable Yamaha PW50
Standard Parts
Article no.: CGN500761

Throttle Cable Yamaha PW50


Throttle cable Yamaha PW50, standard replacement cable. Can be fitted without further adjustments.

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Throttle cable for motorcycle, scooter, moped

The throttle cable is a Bowden cable; it consists of a flexible inner cable made of steel wire, which is protected by a protective sleeve. One end is attached to the throttle grip on the handlebar, while the other end is connected to the carburetor.

How does a Throttle cable work?

When you use the throttle grip, the inner cable moves inside the sleeve and transmits the movement to the carburetor slide or injector. This regulates the amount of fuel or air that enters the engine, controlling the speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

Some two-wheelers are equipped with an oil pump, which is also connected through the throttle cable by a splitter.

Changing the throttle cable

Changing the throttle cable is relatively easy, you only need a few tools. The steps are as follows:

  1. Dismount the throttle grip, fully releasing the cable tensioner and removing the cable clamp.
  2. Remove the fairing to access the cable.
  3. Disconnect the cable end and pull it off the throttle slide.
  4. Install the new cable using the same steps in reverse order. Remember to lubricate the cable.
  5. If the two-wheeler is equipped with a cable splitter, you can replace several or all of the cables.
Technical details
Throttle Cable Yamaha PW50
Article no.CGN500761
Weight0,14 kg
BrandStandard Parts
Product typeThrottle cable
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