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Article no.: A164618

TNT brake cables, 103 fox


Brake cables for Peugeot 103 Fox.
Rear brake.
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brake cable

Classic cable brakes can still be found on many scooters and mopeds. This is also the case for some older motorcycles and vintage Vespas.

How to Change the brake cable

If the brake cable is seized, frayed or even broken, you will need to replace it. Replacing a brake cable is very easy.

  1. First, loosen the cable as much as possible if it is not torn in pieces. The tensioner is located either on the drum or on the lever (sometimes on both).
  2. Loosen the cable nipples in the brake lever and on the brake drum.
  3. Pull out the cable with the sleeve, paying attention to where the cable runs.
  4. Route the new cable with sleeve just like the old cable.
  5. Put the nipples back in place.
  6. Tension the cable to get a good braking performance.

If the cable is broken or frayed at one end, you can also repair it using a cable clamp.

Remember to lubricate all Bowden cables on the vehicle regularly with appropriate tools and products.

Technical details
TNT brake cables, 103 fox
Article no.A164618
Weight0,20 kg
BrandStandard Parts
Product typeBrake cable
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