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50cc Bike
Top Performances
Article no.: T9921830

Top Performances Variator "TPR Racing" Aprilia Sonic / F10

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Variator "TPR" by Top Performances, excellent variator for 50cc engines. Drive belt and roller weights for variator adjustment are included.
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Top Performances TPR

The TPR series from Top Performances comprises relatively high-quality parts from the Italian tuning brand.

The TPR tuning parts for 50cc scooters and motorcycles with high performance can be categorized as racing parts, e.g:

  • Aluminum cylinder with 1-ring piston
  • Air filter
  • Scooter and maxi scooter CVTs
  • Reinforced clutches for 50cc geared mopeds
  • Reinforced crankshafts
  • Tuning reed valves
  • Open CDIs

The TPR catalog is constantly being expanded to satisfy demanding riders and tuning fans looking for quality and performance in the future.

scooter CVT

Modern scooters are equipped with a continuously variable transmission, the so-called CVT, also called variator.

CVT Parts:

  • Front pulley, movable. It contains the variator weights and has a special shape with an inclined surface to allow the V-belt to move freely up and down.
  • Ramp plate: Holds the weights in place.
  • Variator sleeve: Serves as a bearing for the variator, which moves axially back and forth, i.e., opens and closes.
  • CVT roller weights: Adjustment weights that play a critical role in function and performance.

original, Sport and Oversize CVTs

  • Original: Original or OEM quality CVTs are equipped with a restrictor to limit the speed to 45km/h. There are riders who remove the restrictor to derestrict their scooter and unleash the full performance without restrictions.
  • Sport: Sport CVTs are lighter than the original and are characterized by special angles and a special coating, which increases the top speed, but especially acceleration.
  • Oversize: Based on the same principle as the Sport CVT, but has larger dimensions. With an oversize / overrange vario, the performance of the scooter can be increased even further.

You should also always replace the V-belt when replacing the CVT or go for a complete CVT kit.

How to install a CVT transmission ?

Technical details
Top Performances Variator "TPR Racing" Aprilia Sonic / F10
Article no.T9921830
Weight0,67 kg
BrandTop Performances
Product typeCVT
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top perf
je pense ces de la bonne piece pour remplacer un origine et u_nepu mieux marche en pointe en en acceleration (5km/h de + en pointe et plus cceleration et de reprise)
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