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Article no.: M6111347B

Variator Pulley / Fan Wheel Malossi Ventilvar Honda Jazz / Piaggio X9 250cc

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Malossi Half Pulley / Fan Wheel Honda Jazz / Piaggio X9 250cc.

Lighter than the stock fan wheel, for slightly improved acceleration. The fins were designed to get as much air as possible to your variator. This means it will be better cooled resulting in optimum response even when the engine is warm/hot.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

CVT Pulleys

Pulleys are an integral part of the CVT system on scooters and mopeds with automatic CVT transmission.
The continuously variable transmission consists of fixed and moving pulleys, the V-belt rises and falls between them depending on the engine speed, changing the speed of the vehicle.

When should you change a pulley?

There are two reasons for replacing pulleys:

  • Wear and tear. Although pulleys are relatively durable, the constant sliding of the V-belt can deform the surface.
  • Tuning. Different pulley angles and diameters can improve the handling of scooters or mopeds.

Note: A CVT variator can only do a good job when CVT pulleys as well as torque drive pulleys are compatible with each other. Pitches and diameters of the individual elements must be matched so that the V-belt can glide evenly.

Technical details
Variator Pulley / Fan Wheel Malossi Ventilvar Honda Jazz / Piaggio X9 250cc
Article no.M6111347B
Weight0,32 kg
Product typePulley
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