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Malossi Cylinder Kit 218cc, D=75,5mm Aprilia Atlantic 125-200cc

Malossi Item no.: M3113955

Malossi Cylinder Kit 218cc, D=75,5mm Aprilia Atlantic 125-200cc

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Malossi 218cc Cylinder Kit, d = 75.5mm Piaggio MP3 / Xevo 125cc to ramp up your maxi scooter, here at Maxiscoot for a very good price!

The kit includes aluminium cylinder, piston and gaskets, but no cylinder head - use it with your original cylinder head.

The increase in performance is noticeable in increased torque (due to larger displacement) and slightly higher top speed.

To exploit the full potential of this kit, you should opt for a sports exhaust.

Malossi 209cc Cylinder Kit, bore = 75.5mm Piaggio MP3 / Xevo 125cc => sold without cylinder head, Keep original!

Suitable for Piaggio Leader 125cc and 200cc 4-stroke engines.

Data Sheet

Name Malossi Cylinder Kit 218cc, D=75,5mm Aprilia Atlantic 125-200cc
Item No. M3113955
Brand Malossi
Homologation Yes
Displacement 209cc
Stroke Original
Conrod Length Standard
Product Line Sport
Material Aluminium
Bore 75,5 mm

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Atlantic 200cc (Piaggio M234M)

Atlantic Arrecife 125cc

Scarabeo 125cc (Piaggio)

Sportcity 125cc (PIAGGIO M281M)

Sportcity 200cc euro3 (PIAGGIO M288M)


GP1 125cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2-3

Rambla 125cc 4-stroke LC Euro3 (PIAGGIO M287M)


DNA 125cc 4-stroke LC

DNA 180cc 4-stroke LC

Nexus 125cc i.e. 4 stroke LC euro 3

Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke (after 2005)

Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke LC (before 2005)

Runner VXR 180cc 4-stroke LC

Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC after 2005

Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC before 2005


Madison 3 125cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Madison 180cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Madison 200cc 4-stroke LC (Piaggio)

Phantom Max 200cc 4-stroke LC (PIAGGIO)


Beverly 125cc 4-stroke LC

Beverly 200cc 4-stroke LC

Beverly Cruiser 250cc i.e. LC 2007-08 (ZAPM288)

Carnaby 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (LEADER M28FM)

Carnaby 200cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (LEADER M601M)

MP3 125cc

Super Hexagon GTX 125cc 4-stroke LC

Super Hexagon GTX 180cc 4-stroke LC

X7 125cc i.e. euro3 (LEADER)

X8 125cc LC - 4-stroke

X8 125cc i.e. euro2-3 (LEADER)

X8 200cc 4-stroke LC

X9 125cc 4-stroke LC

XEvo 125cc


ET4 125cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000

ET4 150cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000

GT 125cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31100

GT L 200cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31200

LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 08 ZAPM44300

LX 150cc 4T AC after 06 ZAPM44200

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