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Pinasco Cylinder Kit 85cc cast iron (d=50mm / stroke 43mm) Vespa V50 / PK50

Pinasco Item no.: PIN-25010880

Pinasco Cylinder Kit 85cc cast iron (d=50mm / stroke 43mm) Vespa V50 / PK50


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Andrea Pinasco was one of the first mechanics who successfully tried to improve the performance of classic Vespa scooters, and his company Pinasco consequently became one of the household names for Vespa tuning. Carburetors, cylinders, exhausts, crankshafts - everything to make your vintage Vespa run better and faster.

Pinasco Cylinder Kit 85cc cast iron (d=50mm / 43mm stroke) Vespa V50 / PK50, classic 75cc cylinder. It is a cast iron 'Big Bore' (50mm) cylinder that will increase displacement up to 85cc while allowing to retain the original crankshaft. The cylinder is extremely dependable, with a long service life. Performance is not over the top, but reliable with a noticeable increase in top speed, and there is always the option of modifying the ports to get more out of it.

The robust cast iron cylinder with 2-ring piston is an excellent choice for original or close to original setups. Easy to mount. We recommend checking the condition of your crankshaft and bearings before mounting.

  • cast iron cylinder 85cc, 50mm bore
  • 2-ring piston
  • HC cylinder head

Data Sheet

Name Pinasco Cylinder Kit 85cc cast iron (d=50mm / stroke 43mm) Vespa V50 / PK50
Item No. PIN-25010880
Brand Pinasco
Homologation No
Stroke Original
Conrod Length Standard
Product Line Sport
Material Cast Iron
Bore 50 mm
Piston Pin Original

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


50 PK 1982 - 1984 (V5X1T)

50 PK S 1982 - 1984 (V5X2T)

50 PK S Automatic 1984 (VA51T)

50 PK S Elestart 1983 - 1984 (V5X2T)

50 PK SS (V5S1T)

50 PK XL2 (V5N1T)

50 PK XL2 HP (V5N2T)

50 PK XL 1985 (V5X3T)

50 PK XL Elestart 1985 (V5X3T)

50 PK XL N 1989 (V5X5T)

50 PK XL Rush 1988 (V5X4T)

50 PK XLS 1985 (V5S2T)

Vespa V50 V90 PV ET3

50 L 1966 - 1970 (V5A1T)

50 N 1963 - 1971 (V5A1T)

50 R 1969 - 1983 (V5A1T)

50 Revival 1991 (V5R1T)

50 S 1963 - 1984 (V5SA1T)

50 Special 1969 - 1972 (V5A2T)

50 Special 1973 - 1975 (V5B1T)

50 Special 1975 - 1983 (V5B3T))

50 Special Elestart 1969 - 1971 (V5A3T)

50 Special Elestart 1972 - 1975 (V5B2T)

50 Special Elestart 1975 - 1976 (V5B4T)

50 Sprinter 1971 - 1979 (V5SS2T)

50 Super Sprint 1965 - 1971 (V5SS1T)

V50 V90 PV ET12 50cc Special Elestart (V5B4T)

V50 V90 PV ET14 50cc SR 1975 (V5SS2T)

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