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Variator OEM quality Chinese scooters 125cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI

TNT Item no.: A970670F

Variator OEM quality Chinese scooters 125cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI

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Data Sheet
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Inexpensive way to do maintenance and repairs on your vehicle: standard / OEM quality Variator for Chinese scooters 125cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI.

Data Sheet

Name Variator OEM quality Chinese scooters 125cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI
Item No. A970670F
Brand TNT
EAN 3608670252070
Roller Size 18 x 14 mm

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


BT125T-2A 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-2B2 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3A2 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3A4 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-3B6 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-8A 125cc 4-stroke

BT125T-8B 125cc 4-sroke

BT125T-12C1 4-stroke B010

Rocky 125cc 4-stroke (BT125T-12E1)

Tanco 125cc 4-stroke (BT125T-12F1)


Eagle 150cc 4-stroke


Epsilon 150cc 4-stroke (YY150T-12)

YY150T 150cc 4-stroke


Arn 125cc 4-stroke

F-Act 125cc 4-stroke

Focus 125cc 4-stroke

Logik 125cc 4-stroke LC

Matrix 125cc 4-stroke

Outlook 125cc 4-stroke AC

Zahara 125cc 4-stroke


Venice 150cc 4-stroke (ZN150T-20)

Vintage 150cc 4-stroke


LJ50QT-E 50cc 4-stroke


SL150 150cc

Moto Zeta

Rally 125cc 4-stroke


MF150QT 150cc 4-stroke


Falcon 150cc 4-stroke (ZN150T-18)

Juliet 150cc 4-stroke

Romeo 150cc 4-stroke

REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke)

RS 125cc 4-stroke (QM125T-10D)

RS 125cc 4-stroke (QM125T-10H)

RS 1000 125cc 4-stroke

RS 1100 125cc 4-stroke

SC 125cc 4-stroke QM125T-10A(A)

SYM (Sanyang)

Fiddle 2 125cc 2008 - 2009 (AW12W-6)

Fiddle 2 150c 2008 - 2009

Fiddle 2 150cc (after 2010)

Jet 4 125cc (AD12W1-6)

Jet 4 150cc

Megalo 125cc (AK12W-6)

Orbit 1 125cc before '09 (AV12W-6)

Orbit 1 150cc before 2009

Orbit 2 125cc after 2010 (AV12W5-6)

Orbit 2 150cc after 2010

Super Duke 125cc (A125Q2)

Symphony 125cc before 2012 (AY12W-T)

Symphony 150cc before 2012

Symphony S 125cc after 2013 (AY12W7-T)

Symphony S 150cc after 2013

Symphony SR 125cc after 2013 (AZ12W1-T)

Symphony SR 150cc after 2013

Symply 1 125cc before 2009 (AV12W-6)

Symply 1 150cc before 2009

Symply 2 125cc after 2010 (AV12W5-6)

Symply 2 150cc after 2010

Tonik 125cc (FW11A1)

VS 125cc 2008 - 2009 (HA12C6)

VS 125cc before 2007 (HA12A6)

VS 150cc 2008 - 2009

VS 150cc before 2007

X-Pro 125cc (AE12W4)


ZN150T 150cc 4-stroke

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